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How Companies are Encouraging Employees to Commit to Their Resolutions

Commit to resolutions

We are now a few months into the New Year, and the focus for many may have strayed from their New Year resolutions. For some, they focused on their personal lives, in fact, statistics show that getting healthy and improving one’s finances are two of the top categories for resolutions. What many employers fail to understand is how New Year’s resolutions can affect a company, even if they are personally oriented. Use these tips to ensure your employees are still committed to their resolutions!

Employee Resolutions and Productivity

It’s important to understand that happier, healthier employees can increase productivity for the company. It’s easy to see the correlation if the resolution is about work, like if the goal is to come in earlier each day, meet a certain quota every month, get more new customers, or put out a certain number of leads each week. With these resolutions or goals, you can see the end result, but personal goals can be just as important to a company. For example, an employee who wants to exercise more will probably feel better and have more energy if they meet that goal. They will get extra work done, be more alert, and increase their overall productivity. Eating healthy and losing weight also serve to help an employee feel better and do their job more efficiently. Reducing financial or other personal stress will also benefit the employer. If an employee can focus on the job rather than personal financial worries, their focus will shift to the tasks at hand and they will provide higher quality work.

How You Can Motivate Employees

Employers can play a key role in encouraging employees to commit to their resolutions from asking if everyone would like to post their resolutions on their desk or share them with others giving coworkers an opportunity to encourage each other. You could even create a buddy system to help keep each person accountable, especially if the resolutions are related to work. Employers can also be helpful with personal resolutions by creating a positive environment for employees. For instance, some employers have traded in old vending machines to include healthier snacks. They may give rewards for gym memberships and regular use, include special seminars, online classes on related topics to help employees with their goals. When employers take steps to help employees with their personal resolutions, it shows they care about them and not just the job they do. This will increase their feelings of loyalty and enhance productivity.No matter where their focus lies, employee New Year resolutions can have a positive impact on a business. Employers should encourage employees to make the right changes in their lives to ultimately result in a win-win situation for everyone, especially a few months into the New Year as a reminder.