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How to Spot & Inspire Employee Engagement in the Workplace

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Engaged employees are among a company’s most important assets. Why? Because they have a direct impact on a company’s performance. Engaged employees tend to be more productive contributors than their unengaged coworkers. That’s because they are really into their employer and their job, making them predisposed to go the extra mile at work. 

Practically perfect

Wondering about the level of engagement at your workplace? Look around. The happy employees have a higher likelihood to be the most engaged as well. Our workplace research finds that the most engaged employees have higher job satisfaction and perceive their employer to be pretty perfect – or close to it. They’d describe the company they work for as having the right level of transparency and a good track record for acknowledging a job well done. Engaged employees feel secure, valued, supported and respected at work. They are content with the current progress of their career journey, and also feel like they are growing professionally continuously and steadily.

Culture is key

So for companies that want to boost the engagement of their current employees, they might start by reviewing their approaches to employee communication, recognition, training, and development.  And to increase the number of engaged employees overall, employers can screen for engagement-likelihood during the hiring process. Our research finds that engaged workers are inclined to be well matched to company culture and to have their personal values align with those of their employer.

Happiness is achievable

High employee engagement is a factor at the happiest workplaces. While our research hasn’t found causation between engagement and happiness, there is a strong correlation. Eighty-seven percent of happy employees say they are engaged at work – while eighty-two percent of employees who say they're extremely engaged at work also say they are happy. Whether a company chooses to focus on amplifying happiness or engagement, one thing’s for sure – there is no downside.