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AI - Where To Find It, What To Do With It, & How We Can All Learn From It

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Whether you are going to see what the hype is about, going because a friend wanted to go, or just want a photo for social media, interactive experiences and activations utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) are popping up everywhere for everything. If you’re interested in AI as a career or are just curious as to the different ways AI is being incorporated in our society we can all learn a thing or two from these various pop-ups.

What they are

AI pop-ups can include anything from virtual reality, to facial recognition, to a computer-based retail experiences. Incorporating AI into brand activations allows brands to better target their products to you and your expectations as the consumer. Though some ideas are a stretch, including using facial identity to predict your purchase, current technologies better enhance activations, providing you with the best possible experience!

How they benefit you

Whether  you are excited to see where AI will go in the coming years, or nervously anticipating what it will do next, at the end of the day, brands are ultimately using AI and similar technologies to benefit everyone. If a company can hire less people to service smaller claims, they will be able to focus on more specific customer needs whether it be an order issue, a customer service complaint, or another way to better your experience as a consumer.

Where to find them

AI pop-ups can be found in larger city malls, large events, music festivals, conferences, and more. Some super markets are also beginning to incorporate AI as well to increase your knowledge about deals and promotions on products or services you are inclined to buy. Check out what’s happening in your current city or if you are visiting a new city to experience AI in action and see how it can transform your experience from just another pop-up, to a personalized experience just for you.

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