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How To Stay Motivated At Work After The First 90 Days

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Congratulations! You aced your interview, landed the job, and today marks your 90 day work-iversary! This major accomplishment should be celebrated, and is the perfect opportunity to set your goals for where you see yourself going in this position, company, and career. To help you further your success in your current position and develop your career, we’re sharing our top tips for staying motivated after the first 90 days.

Unanswered questions

Now that you’ve had a chance to catch your breath and see how the team and company work, make sure all your initial questions about the role, your responsibilities, and the company have been answered. We say there are no dumb questions within your first 3 months in a new job, so make sure you’ve asked all the things you’re really unclear about it. Revisit your job description and take this opportunity to see what you are doing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, where you can improve, what you would like to learn more of, and set a plan to have your experience better the company. You were hired for your skills and fit for the position, and now is the perfect opportunity to bring the ideas and conversations during the interview process to life.

Measure progress

After 90 days, change is normal.  Do you notice any holes or gaps within your daily responsibilities where you feel you can bring your strengths to the table? Take this 90 day mark to make note of any other tasks you are interested in learning about and incorporating into your responsibilities. This will not only allow you to be more of an asset to your team, but will open up the door to work with other colleagues you may not have been working with previously who can help support your goals and grow your skills.

Talk it out

The first few months are usually focused on training and adjusting to the new team. If you haven’t already, start making friends with your coworkers and find common interests outside of work or ask about their experience within their role. Do you look up to one of your colleagues? Ask them if they would mind showing you the ropes and act as your mentor. Communicating will allow you the opportunity to get to know your peers, what their strengths are, and how you can collaborate to create innovative ideas and projects, while individually growing your careers. Along with these tips, it is always great to continue growing your skill set on your own. This will not only keep your skills up to date, but will allow you to be both a master of your role and a jack of all trades.

Check out our Job Toolkit which includes job descriptions, salary ranges, and skills necessary to be successful in today’s hottest roles. Now, go celebrate your first 90 days, and get excited for the future of your career!