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What To Ask To See If Your Company Supports Career Growth And Development

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In our Job Market Report, we found that 40% of employees would prefer to have opportunities to learn new skills or job functions if salary were to come up short. It should be no surprise that happy employees are the best, most productive employees, but that doesn’t mean that all companies are putting their efforts towards training and development programs.

Start with these questions

Does your company support career growth and development? 60% of employees reported that the training they receive is inadequate, 8 in 10 employees acknowledge the importance of up-to-date technology at work, but only half work for companies who offer that. Do these numbers surprise you? Or are you part of the 88% who are taking it upon themselves to keep their skills relevant and to stay marketable in the employment market. Not sure and want to find out? Ask both yourself and your future or current employer these questions to ensure that your company supports the type of career development that will keep you happy for the long run.

Do you offer training or education options for employees?

If the role’s responsibilities were to change, would I be given the opportunity to partake in training or take an outside course to best adjust to the new role?Is there room for growth within this position? If yes, what skills are needed to advance and succeed in this position and be considered for a promotion? If no, are there different opportunities to learn new skills and programs to perform to my best in this role?

If you’re interested in the role of technology

There’s no doubt that technology is rapidly changing and innovating the workplace, which makes it even more important to always be as up to date as possible with new trends and programs. This includes anything from coding languages to creative programs to social media, but one of the most important developments to be aware of is the one that has not come out yet. Knowing what is to come will help you stay ahead of the curve, and up to date with new trends and skills. For these new technologies, it might not make it into your company’s budget right away so you may need to invest in yourself at first, but once you prove the impact of your new toolkit, you can report back to your team to show the importance of this development. Looking for a job that supports career development?

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