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Expand Your E-Commerce Skills With These Expert Tips

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Our 2018 Job Market Report found that e-Commerce candidates are some of the hottest in demand right now. With the evolution of technology, new trends, and rapidly changing platforms, it is extremely important to expand your e-Commerce skills.

Be able to wear many hats

E-Commerce roles encompass a wide variety of skills including online customer service and operation management. While the specific position will vary within the company, you should be open to answering all customer service requisitions, communicating with warehouses, managers, and other parties in the supply and sales chain, and more. Each year the overwhelming need for qualified eCommerce customer service professionals grows rapidly, so we’re here to give you the insights on the skills you need to know to get the job. Our expert Recruiters know what companies are looking for, and these are the top skills they recommend you expand on to secure your dream e-Commerce position.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketers often work closely with members of the e-Commerce team, so it is important to be aware of their role as it relates to the customer journey. Digital marketing responsibilities that may be incorporated into an e-Commerce Coordinator role are:

  • Upload all product related content and manage digital asset and assortment sheet, merchandising, and reports

  • Lead implementation of marketing plan, including site creative development, content updates, promotions setup, and email campaigns

Need to brush up on your digital marketing skills or expand your current knowledge? Our Digital Marketing Resource has all you need to know and learn about trends and best practices in the industry whether you are a recent grad or just looking to add to your current skillset.

Data Analytics

Companies are looking for candidates who can think big picture when it comes to the online journey. As an Analyst you need to be able to analyze different touch points and test theories regarding the customer’s path to purchase. You must also be able to bridge the gap between the data and the customer. Incorporating both of these skills into an e-Commerce role requirement could look like:

  • Assess all paid media initiatives, including PPC, display, and social and ensure messaging aligns with website messaging and content

  • Monitor and analyze site metrics, such as bounce rate, cart abandon, fallout reporting, page load time, sessions, and users

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Become an expert

As an entry-level candidate gaining e-Commerce experience can seem overwhelming when most jobs require you to already have some. One way around this is to use your free time to brush up on your skills. Check out a job description that appeals to you and make a list of the required skills/tools. Sites like Skillshare allow members to learn skills within a few short courses, and different e-Commerce platforms will often offer a free trial period, where you can see how the backend looks and functions to get your feet wet. While some companies are looking for experts in e-Commerce, others are looking for multifaceted candidates that can handle everything from e-Commerce operations to strategy to marketing.

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