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Negotiate Your Salary Like A Leading Lady

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According to a recent Glassdoor survey, 3 in 5 employees did not negotiate salary, and 68% of women accepted the salary they were offered. This percentage is 16% above men. If this doesn’t surprise you, it should, especially when you remember that negotiating also includes benefits, time off, and training and development options. When you consider the number of women not negotiating their salary, it’s no surprise that we still have a far way to go to close the wage gap, which is why we’re giving you our top tips for negotiating your salary as a woman.

It’s okay

The first tip is simple, yet will make other efforts impossible if not acknowledged. Know that it is okay to negotiate! Nerves, fear, and uncertainty may be holding you back from negotiating, but know that speaking up for the salary you deserve will not only increase your excitement for the position, but will also set you up for further success down the road and a newly found sense of confidence.

Do your research

Once you have acknowledged that it is okay and normal to negotiate your salary, it’s time to get clear on your worth. Research average salaries for the position you are applying for, and if you are comfortable, talk to individuals or mentors in similar or comparable roles to get a sense of what’s reasonable.. If possible, try and ask both women and men, so that you are able to get a firm grasp on the salary for the position. Also make sure you take into consideration your experience and any other skills you can bring to the table that others may not be able to. Once you are up to date on industry standards, keep in mind your current lifestyle and financial situation.

What’s your range?

Prepare with ranges. You already know what you are targeting, so now it is time to get down to the numbers of the offer. With the new Salary Ban in affect, potential employers are no longer able to ask you what you are currently making, but, they are able to ask you the range in which you are targeting. Keeping this range between $5k will allow for a high, mid, and low. Keep in mind there are other factors of an offer that can be negotiated in addition to salary (ie: vacation days, bonus, flexible schedule, travel etc.) The gender pay gap will continue to increase if both women and men do not take action to stop and close it. That begins with negotiating salaries.

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