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8 Tips To Make Your Relocation Easier

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Moving is complicated. Whether you are moving for a loved one, got an amazing new job (congrats!), or in need of a change in scenery, relocating can be difficult. With packing, finding somewhere to live, and becoming acquainted with your new city, we know there is a lot to do, so we asked our team who has experience relocating for their top tips to make the transition to your new city as smooth as possible.

1. It doesn’t hurt to ask

For those relocating for a new job, you can think about how amazing it would be if your company offered to pay for your entire move, but you won’t know what they will cover until you ask. Though some companies offer relocation compensation as part of the onboarding package, other companies may not be as explicit so it is always important to ask and see if they will cover any costs. In the event they do not cover moving costs, they may have helpful advice on areas to look for affordable rent and good locations to look for your new home. And remember to save your receipts, your moving expenses may be tax deductible (more on this later).

2. Time to reach out

Now is the time to put those networking skills to use. Reach out to former classmates and acquaintances,  ask your friends and family if they know anyone in the area, and put those LinkedIn connections to the test!

3. Organize, organize, and organize again

It may not be the holiday season, but be sure to make your lists and check them twice. Moving can get unorganized very quickly by accidentally putting one thing in the wrong box, so be sure you have a set plan of things to do and pack before the move and a follow through plan of what you will need to do once you have moved. We love the idea of numbering your boxes and recording what’s in each one. If you’re moving for work and start right away you might not have time to unpack everything right away so this way you know what’s what. Of course, things will come up and you may realize you need different items or may need to rethink your plan, but at least you will have something to fall back on.

4. Make patience your virtue

Moving can be stressful, chaotic, and a whirlwind. Take time to breathe, remember why you are moving, what your goals are, and be patient with the process.

5. Don’t think long-term

Though your new city may be more affordable than the last, a short term lease may be your best option. A short term lease will allow you to make sure you feel comfortable in the area, check out the commute, and gives you time to get a better grasp of the new city.

6. The government may be able to help

In years past, Federal tax laws have been based on meeting various distance and time requirements. Tax laws change yearly, so be sure to check if you will be able to deduct the moving costs of your relocation.

7. Do your research

Getting a moving truck may sound like the best option, but it may not be the cheapest. Explore other options and check pricing for shipping boxes, renting a larger van or truck, or flying an airline that offers free checked luggage to make the best, most cost-effective decision.

8. Put down the deposit

Be sure to have a place to live lined up before you go. Nothing is worse than having to figure out a new city and a new job all the while trying to figure out where to live!

Do you feel confident about your upcoming move? If you haven’t already, be sure to contact the nearest 24 Seven office to further network in your new city, and if you haven’t already landed a job, browse our job openings here.Click here to access our free Job Toolkit for everything you need to know about today’s most in-demand jobs.