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Top Desired Benefits For Employees, Especially Women

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Are you looking to become more desirable to top candidates? Gone are the days when salary was the only thing offered on the table. In today’s market, there are a number of factors that matter more to potential employees than the money. This is especially true for female employees.  As part of our Leading Ladies series, we gathered research from our Job Market Survey on the top benefits candidates are looking for in their next position to allow your company to retain your current talent, and draw in new candidates.


Healthcare is still a top concern, with over a third of employees worried about their current coverage, especially since a quarter said that their coverage has changed for the worse since last year. In contrast, some companies are now offering new moms and employees starting families improved benefits and options to succeed both in their careers and their life at home.

New and enticing benefits

Some benefits now being included in packages range from extended fertility treatment benefits to same-sex couples, upped reimbursements for surrogacy and adoption, options for new mothers who are breastfeeding to ship breast milk when they have to travel, and employee egg-freezing assistance programs. For families who have already taken their maternity or paternity leave, perks include home purchase assistance, which 5% of employees surveyed currently receive, flex-time/telecommuting options, which 22% currently receive, and stipends towards travel and relaxation activities, which only 4% receive today.

Why you should provide for your female employees

Our study found that 21% of women would leave their current company for improved benefits. Women are stressing over healthcare and their well-being in the workplace already. To ensure you retain your top female talent make sure your benefits package meets their needs.  Provide for your female employees, and allow them to be included in the 58% of women who currently are more engaged at work because they feel their company cares. What benefits is your company offering your employees that puts your company above the rest when candidates are considering an offer?

Leading Ladies is 24 Seven’s content based series composed of information to help companies better the workplace for women and their careers, with insights and advice from female executives and research.

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