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Do Working Moms Have Influence On Children’s Careers and Salaries?

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We have all learned a thing or two from our mothers and all the women in our lives no matter our relationship with them. With over seventy percent of mothers returning to the workforce with children under 18, it should come as no surprise that the societal norm of the stay-at-home mom is no longer the standard. A study published earlier this year in the journal Work, Employment and Society, explored maternal employment and its impact on the adult daughter relationship to the workplace.  Do you think working moms have a different impact than stay-at-home moms on their children’s future career trends?

Daughters are more likely to be employed if…

The study surveyed over 100,000 men and women across 29 countries to explore the relationship between maternal employment habits and their children’s employment habits and traits as adults. The results showed that “adult daughters, but not sons, of employed mothers are more likely to be employed and, if employed, are more likely to hold supervisory responsibility, work more hours and earn higher incomes than their peers whose mothers were not employed.” Additional statistics from the study were released in 2015, showing that daughters of working mothers, specifically in the U.S., make around 23% more than daughters whose mothers stayed at home.

It benefits to be a mom

The results showed that mothers have the ability and opportunity to shape more than just child attitudes but also influence and benefit their behaviors, choices, and paths later in life. Companies are catching on and are offering better maternity packages, flexibility options for mothers, and also additional benefits aiding in the pregnancy process. Insights from our working momsWe interviewed some of our 24 Seven Talent working moms to get their thoughts on life as career-driven mothers and here is what they had to say:

  • “I know this feeling of empowerment has trickled down to my daughter Eden. She’s smart, independent and determined. She recently wrote an essay for school about having a mom who works and said, “I’m proud of my mom and the work she does every day.”

  • “When I first started at 24 Seven, Celeste was a huge part of my decision to switch jobs. I knew I wanted to have a family and that I would be supported in that decision here.”

  • “Becoming a mother has made me work smarter and harder.”

  • “I take the values from 24 Seven in the workplace to my home, and reflect that through Alex’s life with her life and our commitments as a family.”

Of course, every mom’s situation is different, but 24 Seven is proud to have so many working mothers and to support women whether they be our clients, candidates, or employees. Click here for the full study and also read the full interview with a few of our working moms here.