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Myths About The Confidence Gap

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Women are often equally if not more confident than men, but in the workplace, certain traits of female confidence are perceived negatively in contrast to their praised, confident male counterparts. With several reports and books on the subject and countless advice out there for women, myths about female confidence still seem to rear their ugly heads, which is why we’re shedding light on how to close the confidence gap between genders.

The gap

A study that came out earlier this year showed that “men had significantly higher academic self-concept” while women often underestimate their intelligence and academic abilities. From this underestimating mentality, women are then perceived to have a lack in confidence and belief in their own worth. In order to close the confidence gap between genders, we need to continue growing as leading ladies and dismiss the beliefs and standards of society holding us back as women.

It isn’t a lack

Women who ask for what they want are seen as bossy. Women who are too loud are deemed obnoxious. Women who say no are called entitled. Many women don’t lack confidence, but when they vocalize their opinions their met with negative reception. As a leading lady, it is important not only to stand for what you believe in but to ask for what you want and work hard to accomplish your goals. If that means knowing how to say no, owning your worth, and not apologizing for speaking up go for it. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable and show your skills and value in your role.

Take your seat at the table

The time for women is now. With our Leading Ladies series, 24 Seven is here as a resource to inform women on career best practices, from job search recommendations to setting compensation goals, to advice on managing career development. We want to see women reach for the sky and become one of the stars. Let’s turn the tables on the thought patterns of self-esteem and confidence in the workplace and build up not only our own confidence but other women in the workplace. Are you ready to close the confidence gap between genders? To start, our top 3 tips are to focus on mindset, tangible signals such as dress and posture, and communication.

For more information or advice from our own team of powerful female leaders check out our full Leading Ladies resource here! 

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