What Makes A Good Portfolio?

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As digital and technology trends have enabled us to share information across new platforms and in new ways, we are becoming an increasingly visual society. Today, it is extremely beneficial to not only tell people your skills when applying for a job but to show them at the same time.  We know that creating the perfect portfolio is important to your job search, so we enlisted the help of our expert creative recruiters to share their top tips and advice on what makes a good portfolio.

Your portfolio should tell a story

Just as you want your resume to flow in a way that makes sense, your portfolio should also tell a story. Clients want to see your thought process and the ideas behind your designs.  Our creative recruiters recommend that your portfolio include mood boards, color stories, silhouette and print ideas, hand and/or illustrator sketches as well as the final product shots. Creative Directors wants to see how you work and get a sense of your creative process, showcasing all the elements that led to your final design is a great way to market yourself as a creative candidate.

Keep your portfolio up-to-date

Updating your portfolio can feel like a daunting task. To avoid getting overwhelmed, our creative recruiters recommend adding to it regularly, ideally once every month or when you've finished a large project. If you work on your portfolio as you work with different clients or on personal projects, you won’t find yourself going back in time to dig up work. If you need to apply to a freelance job last minute, or get introduced to a new potential client, your portfolio will be ready to go.

Make it easy to navigate

This may seems obvious, but be sure your portfolio is accessible. Optimize the for page-load time of your content and setup a clear organizational system. Hiring managers are often looking at your portfolio quickly so make it easy for them to navigate so they can see all your best work. And of course, if your portfolio is password protected, be sure to share that information as part of your application to any job.

Don't be afraid to include personal work in your portfolio

As you are putting together a mix of your professional work, our creative recruiters recommend adding personal projects as well to show your own style and aesthetic. Trends are constantly changing, so this allows you to add a personal touch while also showing how you are staying relevant in your free time.

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