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Career Over Coffee with Julia Kronman, Junior Recruiter for Hästens

Career Over Coffee Header Julia Kronan

Today's Career Over Coffee is a different type of interview, showcasing the importance of training and development in the workplace, as well as 24 Seven Talent's opportunities across the globe. We recently had the opportunity to work with Hästens, a Swedish luxury mattress company, on their training program for their SoHo showroom. This interview takes a deep dive with Julia Kronman on the importance of training programs, and how they benefit employees in the long run.

Briefly describe the training program for Hästens sales associates:

Hästens Sales Trainee Program includes two months of training within our fabulous bed factory in Sweden. Here our trainees will become product experts and learn the Hästens values and the company’s culture. Combined with training in the factory the Trainees will also complete theoretical Product training and two sessions of Sales Training where our coach teaches them how to approach different clients and how to present Hästens products in the best possible way. After these two months in Sweden, the Trainees will go back to the States and complete the internship with a training period within our own Retail Stores. Here they will learn how to find their customers’ needs and how to guide them to the perfect sleep for a more awaken time in life.

Why did Hästens decide to develop this training program? / What has the impact been on the business?

We value level of quality in every process and like most companies, we struggled with talent acquisition. This is a way for us to build a pipeline and create talents through training. We at Hästens believe that, the more effort we put into our new employees, during the onboarding, the better outcome we get.  They will generate business faster, adapt to the corporate culture better and in the end contribute more to the company. We see the value in training our own staff to receive more loyalty and better understanding for the company in both good times and in bad. This is a long-term investment for us at Hästens and we believe in our staff being a big part of our success.

What has the feedback from the sales associates been?

After arrival to Köping in Sweden the associates have been positive and energetic. They see this as a large opportunity with great possibilities. The time in production is focused on mastering the craft skills and will be tough but they have great support from our Swedish Sales Trainees, who’s been in the production for the past three months. Since Köping is our HQ and the heart of the company, there is endless support and knowledge to gain by just being in the premises. There are no dumb questions to ask and we encourage initiatives.

What role did 24 Seven play in sourcing talent?

Teaming up with 24 Seven was a crucial and important part for us. They contributed with their strong network, resources and experience from the US market, which we were lacking. We had a close relationship where there was a mutual respect of each parts level of deliverance and the importance for both of us to have a good process. A feeling of pride in their work and providing the candidates with information by almost painting a picture of what to come, during the trainee program.24 Seven Talent is proud to be a global agency and have the opportunity to work with clients such as Hästens.

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