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What You Need to Know: Moving from an Agency to In-House

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How Do I Transition to Other Digital Marketing Jobs?

Whether you currently work at a digital marketing agency or part of a smaller in-house team, there are vast differences between these two digital marketing jobs and it can be confusing to navigate making the switch. We are not promoting either working at an agency or working on an in-house marketing team as better than the other, but rather outlining their differences, pros, cons, and other traits that can help you determine which career path may be the best fit for you.

Knowing Your Client

One of the main differences between working for an agency vs. in-house is your client. When working in-house, you’ll know everything about the company, from the day to day, to all the products and brands, and more. When working for an agency, however, your clients are the brands. Depending on the agency size, a team might work on around 5 to 10 clients. Your client focus may continuously shift depending on the contract and client needs, rather than working exclusively with one brand.  While this allows for more variety of day-to-day activities, you may find it challenging to know everything about the company or brand, versus in-house where that is the focus.

Keeping Up With Client Needs

If you are new to the field and don’t know the specific type of brand or industry you want to work for yet, an agency can provide you the opportunity to work with many different companies and on varied campaigns. Agencies can provide great perspective on various industries and allow you to gain experience by applying different strategies. Agency tasks tend to be more specific, as there is usually a dedicated person assigned to each element of a campaign, whereas in-house, you will likely have the opportunity to wear multiple hats. When working at an agency your hours tend to be based on the campaign you’re working on and what stage it’s in. Since you’re always looking to win over clients and retain them, this might mean pulling long hours one week and fewer hours the next. Working in-house tends to be a bit more consistent, but the schedule can still vary depending on the company and your position.

Gaining Experience

If you know exactly what industry or type of office culture you work best in, the agency vs. in-house debate may not be a challenge you’re facing. The good news is you might also consider other options outside the agency or the client-side. Many agencies look for candidates with in-house experience and vice versa—neither the agency nor client-side experience is better or worse, just different. It all depends on what you as the job seeker are looking for in your day to day tasks, company culture, and brand.

Transition to Your Perfect Career Today

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