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Ask a Recruiter: What roles are hot and what do hiring managers need to know to close on this talent?

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In the most competitive talent market in memory, we asked some of our recruiters to tell us which functional areas have the highest demand and what companies need to know in order to win the hire.

Ashley Thompson, Senior Account Manager, Los Angeles

Most in demand: Digital Marketing Manager or E-Commerce ManagerWhat hiring managers need to know: It is a candidate’s market right now and the salary/benefits package plays an instrumental role in the ability to close a candidate. While salary is important, candidates also care about factors like flex hours/work from home options, PTO, and opportunity for growth. Companies are definitely losing out on great talent as candidates are being approached with multiple opportunities at one time. Candidates are selective on who they will even interview with. If the benefits package does not meet their expectations, no matter the upsides (like a better commute or better base salary etc.) they will forego the opportunity to even take an initial interview.

Chad Fernandez, Senior Account Manager, Toronto

Most in demand: UX Designer, UI Designer, Product DesignerWhat hiring managers need to know:  I would say that having a solid work environment and company culture that puts design forward and understands the importance of the design process is very important to most of the talent that I speak with in this market. Work from home flexibility (1-2 days per week) is always the perk that designers look for as well as creativity time that is set aside weekly/monthly. Another key point is allowing designers to present out-of-the-box ideas for current product challenges.

Senior Account Manager, Newport Beach California

Most in demand: We’re still seeing a lot of demand for Digital Marketing candidates who have the analytical side coupled with the creative side. This is most likely because companies are focusing more and more on digital marketing and want to have the data to back up the investments in those strategies. For example, companies want to see the ROI on paid social or influencer marketing in order to evaluate whether or not the payout is worth it for them. Therefore, candidates who have a certification in Google Analytics or Google Adwords definitely have a leg up.

What hiring managers need to know: Focusing on the candidate experience and consistently providing communication to applicants is so important. The interview process is one of the first insights a candidate has into the company and the team. When interview processes are drawn out or disorganized, this lets candidates know that the company or team may be disorganized and have trouble making a decision. It’s also still a candidates’ market and companies no longer have the luxury of drawing out interview processes. If a candidate is coming onsite, I recommend that our clients have them meet with several people – this maximizes the time the candidate spent there and really streamlines the process. No one wants to come back three times for separate meetings with team members. Many companies have the ability to interview and make a decision to hire someone within one week.

Kate Sweeney, Senior Account Manager, New York

Most in demand: Graphic DesignWhat hiring managers need to know: The top question that candidates ask when discussing a new opportunity concerns work / life balance. Flexibility to work remotely is an option that most candidates are seeking when looking to make a move especially design candidates. Companies that are not willing to budge on the flexibility issue risk losing out on top talent.

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