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How To Be Set Up For Success For The Future Workplace

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24 Seven recently surveyed over 300 Digital Marketing, Creative, Technology, Fashion/Retail and beauty professionals on their thoughts about the future of work.

How can I prepare for the future of work?

While most candidates seem confident in their ability to adapt to continually evolving technology and new ways of doing business, it is always important to stay ahead of the curve. We’re sharing our insights on how to set yourself up for success and prepare for what the workplace of the future holds.

The future of work needs confident and enthusiastic learners

The need for companies to offer a proactive learning culture is high, with 89% of workers actively seeking to work for companies that demonstrate a commitment to preparing employees for the future of work, and 96% preferring to work with a company that is a proven learning organization. When applying to new positions, be sure that your future employer invests in their training and development programs. Currently, most (73%) feel that their company provides little to no preparation or training on emerging technology, so continued eagerness to learn, prepare, train, and develop with a company who values the same goals will help you better prepare for success in the future.

What will going “to work” mean in the future?

With new technologies constantly emerging, the overall idea of the workplace is changing. Whether that means more remote work capabilities or sticking with an exclusive company location, 88% agree that technology updates will increase flexibility around how/when/where you work, changing the entire meaning of going to work. We also expect to see entire roles and departments change in the workplace of the future. Survey respondents saw their jobs as they exist today disappearing after a decade. When looking for your next role, see if flexible or remote work options are available and inquire as to the organization’s willingness to let you work cross-functionally so experience how different teams operate. It’s completely understandable to keep future employability top of mind. Ensure you are set up for success through training and staying current on future work trends with our 24 Seven Academy. This will help you increase your skill set and set you up for success, no matter your industry.