How To Write The Best Post Interview Thank You Note

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You wrap up an interview hopefully feeling like it went well and that all your preparation was worth it. Your work isn't done yet however, take a minute, absorb everything that just happened, and now switch gears to focus on your thank you note. How do you start it? What do you say? Not to worry, we have you covered. We’re breaking down our top tips on how to write the best post interview thank you note that will give you the extra advantage over the other interviewees.

What should your thank you note say?

For starters, your thank you note should say more than just thank you for taking the time to interview me today. This is your time to recap why you want the job and what sets you apart as a candidate. You can also take this as an opportunity to provide additional points that were not touched upon in the interview due to timing or just something you forgot to mention as a result of interview nerves. After the initial, “thank you for taking the time,” and “it was great meeting you” formalities, reiterate your interest in the role, how excited you are to be considered, and touch upon at least one thing discussed in the interview. Our tip on this? Right after the interview, jot down the top 3 things that stuck with you so you can remember the specifics when you sit down to write your thank you note later.

Even though you were the spelling bee champ...

Be sure to spell check! Take the time to sit down at a computer to fully write out your thank you note. Read through it to make sure you captured everything you wanted to say and to double check your spelling and grammar. We even recommend having a friend or family member read it over to make sure there's nothing you missed. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity because of a spelling mistake!

Thank You Note Best Practices

  • Make sure you have contact information for your interviewer so you know who to send the thank you note to

  • Proofread the message and correct any errors, double check spelling and grammar

  • Send it out within 24 hours of your interview

  • If you send a message via email, you may opt to also follow up with a mailed note as well – snail mail stands out these days

  • Even if you aren’t interested in the job, still send a thank you note - you never know when your path might cross again with this hiring manager – better to leave a good impression that lasts

Your thank you note may be the cherry on top that lands you the role, so be sure to take this extra step, it’s worth your time in the long run!Looking for work? Browse our current job openings here.