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Career Over Coffee with La Mer's Director of Consumer Engagement

Career Over Coffee Header Rie Maiden

For today’s Career Over Coffee, we had the opportunity to meet with Rie Maiden, the Director of Consumer Engagement for La Mer.

Ask the Digital Marketing Expert

We were so grateful to sit down Rie to talk about her experience in Digital Marketing, advice for Digital Marketing candidates, what she loves about the beauty industry and the importance of a supportive work environment.

Please briefly describe your background. What do you do? How did you end up where you are today?

As the Director of Consumer Engagement for La Mer, I lead all online and offline marketing strategy that touches consumers via Digital Marketing, PR, Events, Influencer Marketing, and CRM/Insights. I do All-Of-The-Things. Quite honestly, I am not sure how my career has taken me where it has. I’ve always enjoyed learning. I thrive in professional environments where I am tackling something new and empowered to be innovative. I have worked in Retail, Nonprofit, Fine Watches & Jewelry, Luxury Fashion, and now Skincare/Beauty.

What do you love about your current role/company?

Everything. Seriously. Estee Lauder Companies is a great place to work. I have met so many employees that reinvented their careers and never left the company to do it. My boss, the VP of Consumer Marketing, mirrors the overall company culture, she is very supportive of me and my professional and personal passions. She appreciates my innovation and challenges me to think critically about business objectives and the way they intersect with my passion points. My job is fun, and I have a great group of Managers, Associates, and Coordinators on my team who support me day-to-day.

If you were advising someone trying to make their start in digital marketing, what top skills would you recommend they learn?

More importantly than skills, I would say you need to have a sincere passion for Digital Marketing. Be so obsessed with Digital Marketing that you would do it for any organization at any level for any product or service. This is a fast-paced vertical that is constantly evolving. You have to really love marketing in order to keep up with digital trends and what brands are excelling at it. Be bold and take risks, build relationships across your organization and network constantly. Information is power and you will be surprised what kinds of feedback can inform a marketing decision.

Any favorite trends in beauty right now?

Glass Skin! I have always had good skin, much to my daughter’s chagrin as she deals with teenage acne. I love the look of slightly illuminated iridescent skin, like a humid day glow without the stickiness. Everyone’s skin always flourishes when it’s humid. I am also trying to be more courageous with makeup. I have always been into Skincare; I am the King of bare face. Seeing all these beautiful eyeshadow palettes and really great looks…sometimes on the weekend I’ll watch YouTube tutorials and give it my best shot. Interested in what other professionals have to say about their industries? Check out our other Career Over Coffee interviews here.