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employment agency

Employment agency, recruitment firm, staffing company, headhunter – many synonyms exist to describe the work these businesses do.

But how do employment agencies work, exactly? Employment agencies help job candidates find employment opportunities, and they help employers find skilled candidates to fill job vacancies.

An employment agency can serve as a valuable bridge between job seekers and employers, helping both parties achieve their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Here are details about how an employment agency works for employers and job candidates:


From crafting a job posting to reviewing resumes and portfolios and scheduling interviews – hiring talent can be a time-consuming process. And often, hiring takes time away from managing other high-priority business objectives.

Need hiring help?


But by partnering with a specialized employment agency like 24 Seven, you can pass the heavy lifting of hiring top talent in the marketing, creative, digital, fashion, beauty, and retail sectors – onto us.

When you partner with 24 Seven, you’ll be paired with a recruitment team that will first get to know your business and unique hiring objectives. Once we understand exactly what you need, we’ll start the work to match you with one of our pre-vetted candidates. From there, we will handle everything from setting up interviews to extending the offer and onboarding new employees.

We have access to deep pools of highly skilled marketing, creative, and digital experts and can find you the full-time, freelance, or temp-to-hire talent you need – fast.

Our partnership doesn’t end once the hiring process is over, either. We work throughout the year to offer valuable insights to our clients from industry-specific blog posts, job market surveys, reports, and webinars – diving into the state of the employment market and examining how companies can better position themselves amongst the competition to attract and retain talent.

If you’re ready to simplify the hiring process, contact our team today!


If you work in the marketing, creative, digital, fashion, beauty, or sector – partnering with an employment agency can be a great way to gain access to a broader range of job opportunities and save valuable time in your job search.

Whether you’re actively looking for a new role or casually browsing to see what’s out there, registering with a specialized employment agency like 24 Seven can help streamline your search. 

Looking for a new job?


Employment agencies such as 24 Seven do the legwork for candidates just like you. At 24 Seven, our first order of business is to work with you to better understand your professional goals, skills, and experience. From there, we begin the work to match you to a full-time, freelance, or temp-to-hire opportunity that is in line with your career objectives and interests. And once we find a potential opportunity, we’ll work with you to coordinate interviews and, if all goes according to plan, a job offer! 

As a long-standing leader in the staffing space, 24 Seven is tapped into some of the hottest brands and agencies out there. And we often know of appealing job opportunities before they’re even posted.

Because we are a specialized employment agency, our team understands the nuances of the marketing, creative, and digital industries and can offer employment market insights and tailored job-searching advice.

And the best part of working with an employment agency like 24 Seven? We work at no cost to you!

Browse our open jobs, and register with 24 Seven today.