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How Do Employment Agencies Work?

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At 24 Seven, our mission is to help move companies and careers forward by matching up the brightest talent with the best brands in the creative, tech, data, and digital marketing industries. We're proud to have over 20 years of experience as a creative recruitment agency, and we've helped countless professionals find jobs that truly bolstered their careers. But how does an employment agency work, exactly? We know that for job seekers, this isn't always the clearest thing – so we'd like to take the time to shed a little light on the topic. 

How an Employment Agency Functions

Whether it's called an employment agency, a recruiting firm, or a creative staffing agency, all of these companies perform essentially the same function: they help find ideal candidates for an employer that's looking to hire for a specific job opportunity. In this arrangement, the employment agency isn't hired by the job seeker – that would be something closer to a career coach. Instead, employment agencies are hired by the employer in order to find candidates, as for many companies it ends up being easier and cheaper to pay someone else to do this than to try to do it themselves. So if employment agencies actually work for employers, how can they help job seekers? In a plethora of ways, it turns out. That's because while an employment agency's primary concern is finding candidates that perfectly match what the employer is looking for, they want those candidates to succeed – and they also know how to prepare candidates for the interview process because they're often the one facilitating it. Joining an employment or recruitment agency gives you a leg up on the competition, giving you access to opportunities others won't see and also providing applicable, up-to-the-minute advice and insight based on the latest trends in hiring. To put it simply, joining a recruitment agency can help you save time on your job search by narrowing your focus and giving you the best tips for success.

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