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24 Seven’s Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Next Job

How to find a job

Are you looking to find a new job? Whether you're looking for a full-time or freelance job, landing a new position can seem like a daunting task. From refreshing your resume to writing the perfect thank you note to seal in your interview, our recruiters are sharing the job search tips you need to take to get hired!

What kind of job do you want?

Finding a job is not always easy. In today’s job hunt, there are a number of resources you can access, but filtering through the hundreds of openings to find the right fit can be a challenge. We recommend starting off with a lot of research. Look into different industries, explore new companies and brands you love, and think about where you have experience already. Another job search tips from our recruiters is to talk to friends, family and former coworkers who work in industries or positions that interest you to get the inside scoop. Start to build a list of target organizations and job titles that match what you're looking for in a full-time or freelance job. Once you have your list of interesting jobs and companies, see who is hiring!

Update your resume to include your latest work experience

If you haven’t been trying to find a job for a while, your resume probably needs some work. You want to make sure you have all relevant work experience on there, including past full-time and freelance job experience, as well as your skills, and education. You want your resume to be clean, organized and easy to read. If you’re in a creative field, let it shine with a unique layout or a pop of color.

  • Update your template

  • Include your side hustle

  • When in doubt, keep it minimal

Tailor your resume to the job description

Whether you’re writing a resume for the first time or need to update your resume, start with the job description for which you’re applying and then work backwards. This will ensure you meet all the requirements and make it easier for the hiring manager to see why you’re the best candidate for the job and help you get hired!

  • Read the job description carefully! What are the important skills and responsibilities? Use the skills required as keywords throughout to optimize your resume for an ATS.

  • Research the company you’re applying for and customize your resume to speak to their mission and purpose. For instance, if the organization values creativity, innovation, and setting trends, talk about how you bring these qualities to your everyday.

  • Be consistent - begin each sentence with a verb and use past tense for prior roles and present tense for current opportunities.

  • Also, keep your resume under one page in length unless you’re an executive with extensive professional experience, may need to exceed two pages.

  • Review your resume several times to ensure your content is error-free and accurately represents you.

  • By incorporating keywords, guidelines, and creativity, you’re ready to take the next step in your career and continue your job search.

For more tips on updating your resume checkout our Upskill Workshop on resume tips to land you the job.​

How to make a standout portfolio

If you’re in a creative field, having the perfect portfolio is critical to your job search, so we enlisted the help of our creative recruiters and asked them for their top tips and advice on what makes a good portfolio. Make sure your portfolio is concise and displays your expertise and creative style. If you have a digital portfolio, or website, ensure the user experience is friendly and load times aren’t too long. When it comes to updating your portfolio, our freelance recruiters recommend doing it on a regular basis as you work on new projects, that way you won’t have to go back in time to dig up work.

How to answer our recruiters’ favorite interview questions

We know preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking. Luckily there are a number of questions you will most likely be asked in some form during your next interview making pre-interview prep a little bit easier. From information on your experience to your career goals and even to what you do for fun, interviewers often touch on a number of specific themes. To improve your chances of getting hired our recruiters are sharing their favorite interview questions:

  • What channels, verticals, or deliverables do you oversee/touch on?

  • What does your ideal job look like?

  • Who are you outside of your job? What are your hobbies?

  • Why are you looking to leave your current role?

Say thank you

Our recruiters are sharing their tips on how to write the best post-interview thank you note that will give you the extra advantage over the other interviewees and up your interview etiquette for the future.

  • Reference specific examples that were discussed in the interview, especially when it comes to why you want the job

  • Proofread the message and correct any errors, double check spelling with spellcheck

  • Send it out right away – or at least within 24 hours of your interview

  • Even if you aren’t interested in the job, still send a thank you note. You never know when your path might cross again with your interviewer – better to leave a good impression that lasts

Your thank-you email may be the cherry on top that lands you the role, so be sure to take this extra step, it’s worth your time in the long run! For more interview tips to land you the full-time or freelance job of your dreams check out our Upskill Workshop on interview prep.

Getting hired for a job today requires time, patience and persistence. Be sure to check out our open jobs here and follow our blog for more job search tips!