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The Future of Work: Proven Learning Companies Will Be Employers of Choice

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In a recent survey of talent about the future of work, 24 Seven found that continued employability in an increasingly tech-dominated workplace is top of mind for workers. Six in ten admitted that they think about it weekly or daily.

Training Opportunities Key to Winning Talent in the Future of Work

Most workers seem confident in their ability to adapt and prepare for the Future of Work and to continually evolving technology and new ways of doing business. Respondents exhibited an eagerness to learn, train, and develop themselves in preparation for what’s next. Companies that can tap into this will be able to win the war for talent in the future of work.

Employers Currently Falling Short Against Training & Development Expectations

Most survey participants (73%) tend to feel that their current company provides little to no preparation or training on emerging technology (only 11% say their company prepares and trains them very well). Respondents were evenly split when it came to assessing their employer in helping them re-skill for the future of work, 40% to 40%. Underscoring a lack of confidence in their current employer's ability or commitment to keep them skilled up and marketable, 88% of workers said that re-skilling to stay employable is solely their responsibility.

Learning Companies Have the Talent Advantage in the Workplace of the Future

Given this preference for continuous professional development, it’s not surprising that our survey found that nearly every respondent has a preference for companies that are proven learning-oriented companies. Eighty-nine percent actively seek to work for companies that demonstrate a commitment to preparing their employees for the future of work. As the war for talent continues into the future, companies who can make their dedication to learning, professional development, and skill-driven career-pathing evident will have the advantage. Employment branding that emphasizes documented opportunities to learn and grow in anticipation of rapid technological change and business disruption will be a talent magnet.

When it Comes to Preparing for the Future of Work, Most Employers Earn a C

With the majority of respondents giving their current employer a C grade when it comes to having established a proactive learning culture, our survey suggests that companies need to do a better job at raising the learning, re-skilling and upskilling bar and at increasing their resource commitment to training and development. Companies that can establish a robust training and career development plan will be a leading workplace in the job market of the future. Download our most recent Job Market Report here, and find top talent to add to your team here!