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Managing a team in times of uncertainty  

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Leading a team for the first time can come as a challengeespecially now, when you are likely managing a team on a solely remote basis. The role of a manager can have many complexities, but creating an environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and productivity while simultaneously ensuring employees feel both seen and heard will help to build the foundation for long term team success. We’re sharing four ways to create a collaborative team dynamic while managing remotely for the first time.   

Express Appreciation

As a manager, ensuring that gratitude is shown for those who work under you is essential. While many employees may be feeling overwhelmed and navigating change,  everyday professional tasks still need to get doneand for many, at a faster rate than ever before. With employees putting in longer hours, they often look to their manager for validation and conformation of a job well doneShowing gratitude towards those on your team can help foster feelings of self-confidence and communicationand can be as simple as a follow up email, text, or phone call.  

Put in the Extra Hours 

While most of the working world has transitioned to a remote set up, putting in the extra hours to ensure employees have what they need, both personally and professionally, is criticalNot being able to physically see your team on a daily basis can be a challenge to overcome for many, yet when you set aside time for daily or weekly check-ins engage in conversation aside from work related topics, and offer support where needed, you are helping to build a strong relationship that goes beyond the nine to five. Productive interactions like these can help to not only build trusting relationships, but can enhance productivity and morale.  

Encourage Learning and Professional Development Opportunities 

The strongest leaders are those who encourage growth and provide ample learning opportunities for their employees. With an emphasis on social distancing and increased free time, many educational organizations are now offering free classes and webinars for all, so sharing these opportunities with those on your team shows your commitment towards helping them grow both personally and professionally. As a manager, your investment in the members of your team shows in the work they do and providing them with opportunities to build upon their skillset works as a mutually beneficial value add for the team as a whole.   

Celebrate the Wins 

As we navigate through a pandemic shifted world and workplace, celebrating wins is an important part of keeping employee morale and motivation high. As a new manager, finding ways to bring joy into the virtual workspace especially for individual teamscan make all the difference while setting the tone for the team as a whole. Whether it’s an employee completing a daunting task or learning a new skill, make time to recognize these achievements, big or small, to help create an environment of collaboration and togetherness during these difficult times.     Remember, being a manager and leading a team is no easy feat, especially if it’s your first time doing so remotely. Leaving time for both self-reflection and personal organization is key in as we navigate through this landscape of the unknown For more resources click here.