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We’re All Digital Marketers Now

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The pandemic has proven to be an accelerant of transformation for many businesses. Companies who rarely allowed employees to work remotely have found that the transition to an entirely remote workforce was an easier adaptation than expected. Transitioning the sales process or creative ideation sessions to virtual meetings over Zoom has gone smoothly. And the pivoting of marketing initiatives to digital has happened sooner than many companies anticipated. As marketing recruiters we have watched companies successfully adapt to the pandemic reality by relying on marketing talent to increase their creative, tech, and digital bench. 

Here are some tips from our marketing recruitment team on ramping up your company’s digital-savvy, pretty darn quick:

Prioritize digital content and channels

From the early days of the pandemic, we saw clients wholly cancel marketing tactics that require in-person interaction and funnel resources toward existing and new digital or virtual marketing programs. To maintain brand awareness with existing customers and reach new, physically-distanced prospects (with all of us spending an inordinate time online now), most clients have gone all-in on a robust digital strategy. Digital talent has always had the highest demand, and they are hotter than ever. While hiring full-timers may be the goal it may take longer than expected. Consider prioritizing your digital initiatives and bringing on digital marketing freelancers to keep your mission moving forward.

Rethink how to reach customers with repositioned messages

Our marketing recruitment team has watched clients turn the pandemic into a growth opportunity, taking advantage of smarter tactics, innovative business development, and new revenue streams. Marketers mustighten up the brand story making sure it meaningfully resonates with and reassures anxious customers while finding new ways to connect through fresh or repurposed content. Consider bringing on digital marketing talent to review communications through every channel – what can be revitalized, re-engineered, and improved (including your website)? Are new prospects able to find you? Are you optimized for searches? Does your content speak to their problems today, or of the past? How have email and social campaigns performed – or is it time to establish them in the first place? The pandemic has given marketers license to shift paradigms and try new things.

Bring on the experts

Whether it’s retaining a digital agency or filling a gap in digital skills amongst your team with hired talent, funneling some of the marketing budget to human capital investment will be money well spent. Even if your company has put a freeze on new hires, a smart workaround is to bring in highly-specialized freelance experts. Digital marketing is a particularly robust sector for independent contractors who are niched, knowledgeable, and ready to hit the ground running. Working with a marketing recruiter to hire freelance contractors or full-time digital marketers (budget permitting) will bring your marketing to the next level. Let their expertise redefine what marketing means for your company.

Upskill & reskill your teams, pronto

Your marketing team is working from home, and more likely than not finding themselves more time-efficient and productive. This means there’s time to incorporate some professional development into their day. While there’s never a good time for a crisis like this one, it did hit when there are more e-learning resources available than ever at a reasonable cost. Coursera and LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda) are just two training platforms to consider. Professional organizations like the American Marketing Association offer digital marketing certification programs, as do many top universities. In addition to the benefit of upskilling your team, you are likely to up employee loyalty and job satisfaction through increased career development opportunities. Our talent attitude studies have shown that companies that are confirmed learning organizations are highly-esteemed employers. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the digital adoption for almost all companies. It is a time of great opportunity to build lasting connections with their customers and for putting big, new ideas in motion. Work with a marketing recruiter to bring on the talent that can help digitally evolve your business for the better.