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How to Keep Data Protected While Working from Home

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In the fallout of lockdown from COVID-19, many people find themselves in a new reality of working entirely from home. In some ways, it's freeing, and in others it presents challenges. For many professionals, it's also a major security risk. Privacy and data security are often top concerns when designing the IT infrastructure for a business, but that's far less true of most home wifi setups. At 24 Seven, we want to help creative professionals all over the world thrive in this new remote work reality. As such, we’re offering tips for keeping your data protected while you work at home. 

Data Security & Working from Home

The WFH (work from home) lifestyle requires adaptation, and that's just as true when it comes to keeping your data secure. Many home tech systems have glaring security flaws, and when you're accessing and transmitting sensitive business or client data while working from home, that becomes a problem. So what can you do?The first thing to do is start with the very basics. Make sure that the passwords on all your devices and accounts are fresh, strong, and unique. Even better is to use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass. These use encrypted, unique auto-generated passwords for your accounts and make it easy to apply them whenever they're needed. You should also make sure your router is encrypted by turning on the WPA2 or WPA3 setting on your router, which are the most up-to-date encryption standards. 

Invest in New Technology

For added security, it's also worth investing in a quality VPN service. A VPN, or virtual private network, encrypts all the data traveling to and from your computer. The VPN forms an encrypted "tunnel" to a foreign server outside your home, then accesses websites and other locations from that server. This means that the data you transmit is safely protected in the "tunnel" and can't be read by intruders. 

Put These Tips to the Test

Cybersecurity is critical in today's business environment, and while working from home, it's important to take the proper steps to protect yourself and your data. We also recommend reaching out to our tech team at work if you have questions or concerns. For more work from home best practices click here.If you're currently looking for a job – from home or otherwise – we're here to help. Check out our open jobs here.24 Seven offers world-class recruiting services to creative professionals all over the world, connecting talent with prestigious brands and giving you the edge to succeed.