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Job Toolkit for Front End Web Developers

Front End Web Developer Job Toolkit

In our increasingly digital-first world, Front End Web Developers have become some of today's more sought after talent. For this Toolkit, we’re sharing the skills, experience, and resources needed to flourish as a Front End Web Developer.

Front End Web Development Job Description

Front End Web Developers are responsible for the design of a website. This covers how the content is presented including all the user interface elements like menus, drop-downs, transitions and modals. The front end needs to be able to communicate with the user as well as the back end of the site. The objective of designing a website is to ensure that when the users open the site, they see the information in a format that is easy to read and digest. Front End Web Developers typically focus on accessibility, usability and performance. Front End Web Developers are responsible for all front end deliverables, such as user stories, wireframes, user personas, and site maps.

What Skills do Front End Web Developers Need?

Front End Web Developers create the coding that provides the look and feel of a website. Though the specific requirements vary from project to project, the common applications Front End Web Developers work in are HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. These skills, coding languages and goals are continuously changing so a good Front End Developer or Engineer is always learning!

How do you gain experience as a Front End Web Developer?

Having an understanding of today's coding languages is key as well as being able to code for mobile versus desktop. Often times we see Front End Web Developers with a background in Computer Science however there are many certification programs that can help you learn the basics of the most commonly used languages today from HTML and CSS to JavaScript. It's also important to have experience with the most commonly used web development platforms, like WordPress and Drupal. Internships are a great way to get your foot in the door as well as taking on pro-bono work for local organizations or non-profits that could use help with their sites.

What do Hiring Managers look for in a Front End Web Development Hire?

Because Front End Web Developers tend to work on cross-functional teams, Hiring Managers look for a combination of technical skills as well as soft skills like organization and clear communication. An eye for design and a basic understanding of User Experience can also be helpful depending on the size of the web development team. Hiring Managers will look for Front End Web Developers who can implement user-centered design and usability and resolve any front-end issues efficiently and accurately.

Tips to Succeed as a Front End Web Developer

As a Front End Web Developer you may be working with multiple stakeholders in an organization so communication skills are key. The ability to stay organized and on task will also set you up for success as well as staying current on design and technical trends.To check out our latest Front End Web Developer and tech jobs click here.