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Succeed in the Pandemic Workplace

​If we asked you what success looked like when the COVID-19 pandemic began, you may have said something like changing out of your pajamas into proper work attire, or making it through a Zoom call without a technical glitch. But now that functioning in a pandemic workplace has become the norm, our perspectives have shifted, and with that so have our views on what constitutes a good day. While the definition of success will vary from person to person, we’re sharing four ways for you to set yourself up for success while operating in a remote work environment.

Give yourself the gift of time

In a traditional office setting, most employees were able to follow the typical 9-5 working hours, occasionally checking emails from time to time on evenings and weekends. Yet the abrupt transition to a WFH model caused our schedules to completely change, with no clear division as to when the workday should come to an end. Rather than seeing how much work you can get done in a day, give yourself your owntime back. Whether this be reclaiming your evenings, mornings, or weekends, resisting the urge to reply to an email or complete a task when it can very much wait will help you be successful in the long run. The more you overwork, the sooner you’ll burnout, so allowing yourself time for just you will make you more successful and balanced in the long run.

Break down your barriers

If you have recently found yourself unemployed or fearful of the potential of losing your job due to the pandemic, you are not alone. With much of the workforce plunged into the abyss of the endless job hunt and networking cycle, the competition for jobs has skyrocketed.  While networking is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, breaking down your barriers and establishing connections outside of your network is a major step forward, and a way to set yourself up for success in unusual times. Even just doing something as simple as joining a new LinkedIn group or reaching out to one new person a day can make a world of difference. For those who are steadily employed, working from home can be isolating, so nurturing your network is a great way to stay connected to other people and feel more supported. By welcoming the potential for new connections, you are opening yourself up to greater opportunity, and that’s always a step forward towards success.

Level up your digital marketing or creative skills

As mentioned above, setting yourself apart in today’s competitive job market is an important step that anyone, employed or not, should be eager to take. Learning new skills is critical in both normal and unusual times, especially in our rapidly changing world. Not only is learning a new skill important for career success, but it will also make you feel good about YOU and that’s the biggest win of all. Whether you learn to code, get a digital marketing certification, enhance your graphic design capabilities, or master speaking publicly when you thought you never could, adding to your hard & soft skills will aid in your career development. When you add a new skill to your toolbox, announce it on LinkedIn, share it with a friend or coworker, or add it to your resume – a new skill should always be both recognized and celebrated.

Focus on your small goals

When people think of setting goals, they often think big, which ultimately results in those goals never fully being achieved. While things are far from normal during this time, make a list of small goals for yourself to both reflect on and work towards. Not only will this help give you purpose, but the satisfaction of achieving those goals and crossing them off your list will feel huge. Take a project for example, whether it be personal or professional, and divide it into smaller pieces. As you work through the project, being able to sort through it in smaller, more digestible bits will not only help keep you motivated to do more, but will also leave you feeling satisfied with your progression as you cross off each piece along the way. Working towards completing a larger goal will help to both boost your productivity and keep you motivated along the way!


Remember, there is no surefire path to success as we navigate through our career journeys, especially in today’s unprecedented times. Stick to what makes you feel good, balanced, and self-assured during this time. For more resources, click here!