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How to prepare for remote end of year reviews

Prepare for End of Year Reviews

​As 2020 begins to wind down, end of year performance reviews have likely crossed your mind. While these conversations can put even the most confident employees on edge, we’re here to share a few key tips to help you prepare and feel more secure ahead of your review. Whether you’ll be meeting with your boss in-person or remotely, these best practices will help you get your thoughts in order and will put you on track for an even more successful year ahead.

Show em’ what you’ve got

While your manager may have been by your side through the whirlwind of 2020, detailing out the work you’ve done and goals you’ve met is always a good place to start in preparation for your year-end review. Organizing your day-to-day duties, the goals you accomplished, and possible areas of improvement will give you a strong foundation going into the meeting and will help you gain a better understanding of what this past year entailed for you professionally. Because you and your boss are likely no longer working in the same physical space, making a list will also help draw attention to items that may have gone unnoticed.

Make room for improvement

As confident as you may feel in your work, there is always room for improvement as you advance in your career. Whether this be learning a new skill, managing your time better, or working towards clearer communication, each of us has areas in which we can improve professionally. Before your meeting, reflecting on where you can grow will give you space to think critically about the steps you can take as you begin to plan and navigate the year ahead. If you’ve hit bumps in the road while working remotely, your performance review will give you time to discuss these issues with your manager and work on a feasible path of success moving forward.

Remember, it’s a two-way conversation

In preparation for your meeting, it’s important to remember that the conversation you’ll be having with your manager should be a comfortable two-way pathway of communication. As in most traditional end of year reviews, your boss will likely focus a majority of the conversation on how the last year has looked for you, but if and when they do ask for you to provide feedback on how they have been as a manager, you should be prepared. Giving your manager constructive feedback will not only help to build a stronger relationship, but will illustrate how you can work more successfully together in the year ahead.

Dress the part

Many of us work from home in the clothing we feel most comfortable in, naturally! While dressing casually throughout the week has likely come with the work from home lifestyle, you may want to plan to dress it up for your performance review. Getting dressed and ready for you review will not only make you feel more confident but will help get you in the right mindset. In addition to dressing the part, ensuring that you’re in a clean, quiet, and well-lit environment will also help make the meeting feel more professional overall.

Goals, Goals, Goals

The coming of a new year is the perfect opportunity to set new goals and look towards the future. Start to think about the direction you’d like to move in, tasks you’d like to take on, and ways in which you can continue to grow as an employee. Setting targets that are both achievable and COVID-feasible will help you stay on track as you transition into the new year.

Remember – as you prepare for your review, keep in mind that this year has been one like we have never faced before. Your end of year performance review should be a conversation that is both substantive and meaningful, and most importantly, nothing to grow anxious over. For more insights on remote work and career growth click here!