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Five Ways to Stay Connected to Your Remote Team

Ho to Stay Connected With Your Remote Team

Today’s working landscape is drastically different from those of the past. Teams have moved out of the office and back home, or are working in a hybrid fashion, sometimes in-person and sometimes remote. 24 Seven, the leading recruitment agency for connecting skilled freelancers with top companies, has watched this new dynamic develop and created strategies to help our freelancers and employers stay connected. Here are our top 5 tips for staying connected with your remote team.

Create Space for Conversation

One of the most difficult aspects of online work is the communication barrier. Staring at a screen can sometimes feel like staring at a brick wall, so it’s important for remote teams to establish open communication through different channels, like some combination of Zoom, Slack, or Teams, so that casual, meaningful, and constructive conversation can happen throughout the day. 

Have Some IRL Time

Even if your work space is completely or partially online, the rest of the world is beginning to open back up. Depending on your colleagues’ comfort level, planning an activity IRL (in real life) such as Sunday brunch or a simple in-person meeting can help establish individual and group bonds within the team on a much deeper level.  

Plan Digital Extracurriculars

If meeting out-and-about isn’t an option for you, whether it’s due to distance, or it is your team’s preference to meet virtually, we recommend that you plan some online activities that are not work related, to provide a break from the grind and get to know one another. Virtual happy hour, trivia night, or an online craft project are a great way to add some fun to the work week. 

Prioritize Well-Being

Prioritizing your well-being isn’t just about self-care, it’s also about communication. Regularly schedule time to chat with your manager or supervisors about your workload, mental health, and level of satisfaction with your position in the team. Together you can set goals and expectations, and vent any frustrations or anxieties before they become overwhelming. 

Level-Up as a Team

One great way to build team stability is to come together once a month to grow your skill sets collectively. At these meetings, discuss a topic that is central to your team’s function, perhaps by reading an article and discussing the findings as a group. It’s no surprise that investing in each other’s growth will strengthen the team overall.

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