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Why hiring a freelance UX or UI Designer is the fastest way to increase your conversion rate

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A good conversion rate must be at the core of any successful online business and that means a UX designer is a key hire you can’t miss. Why? Conversions mean sales, user satisfaction and revenue without those an online business will fail.

A freelance UX designer (also called a UI designer, page experience designer or experience designer) is the perfect way to acquire the essential skills you need to understand your user and grow your business without breaking the budget.

Here are the four key reasons why hiring a freelance UX designer is the best way to improve conversions for guaranteed success online.

1. What does a UX designer do?

A UX designer’s job is to understand and improve the experience of your user when they visit your digital product, such as a website or app. Analysing your customer’s journey from beginning to end, they’ll ensure your products and services are fit for purpose.

Not understanding the user is one of the main reasons why online businesses fail. If a potential customer lands on your site and the navigation or interaction isn’t right, they won’t stick around. We know users give each website no more than a few seconds to impress before moving on. A UX designer is there to ensure those seconds exceed your user’s expectations and keep traveling them through your site to eventually make a sale.  

2.  How will a UX designer’s skills improve my conversion rate?

Conversions online are hard to achieve. For a huge number of online businesses, it takes around 1000 visitors to make one sale so it’s no surprise so many online businesses struggle.

A UX designer’s sole purpose is to identify and solve every barrier your users may face when they land on your site. Barriers to conversion is an enormous area, covering everything from page speeds to responsiveness, calls to action, urgency, page design, site structure and so much more. These wide-ranging elements affect more than just conversions, impacting everything from SEO to credibility and sales.

A UX designer’s work involves creativity, problem-solving and testing. It’s a results-based, dynamic role which delivers invaluable qualitative and quantitative data you can use to inform your business strategy, team goals and staff development for years to come.

3. What’s the best way to hire a UX designer?

This critical role needs time, expertise and objective analysis, that’s why the best hire for UX services is a freelance UX designer. A freelance UI designer is able to deliver the subjective analysis and reports, free from bias, you need for a true assessment of your user’s experience. As a specialist in UX design strategies, a UX designer has the depth of knowledge, experience and solutions necessary to analyse, action and test your product’s usability properly.

 Free from the complexities of personal relationships, a freelance page experience designer can feedback truthfully and productively to you and your team, providing the fresh solutions you desire to take your business forward.

4.  How much will hiring a UX designer cost?

Hiring a freelance UX designer is the perfect way to balance costs. There won’t always be lots of work for a UI designer to do so recruiting a UX designer on a freelance basis is the ideal way to manage budget priorities whilst gaining invaluable insight which will ultimately increase wider business revenues.

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