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Career Over Coffee: Freelance Recruiter Megan Rovitto

Career Over Coffee Header Megan Rovitto

The wonderful thing about being in the staffing agency is that our network expands beyond our own employees, we have the honor of meeting professionals at every level in every industry. Today's Career Over Coffee spotlights a Freelance Recruiter who recently wrapped at Alexander Wang! Not only does Megan Rovitto have her hand in the digital and fashion space but she knows a thing or two about freelancing and what makes a candidate stand out from the crowd.

Briefly describe your background. (what you do, how did you end up where you are today, education, starting point, etc.)

I am currently a recruiter in the fashion/retail industry. I came to New York City at the age of 18 to study Fine Art at The Cooper Union. I wanted to be a painter! I quickly realized that was going to be a very difficult way to make a living so I transitioned my focus to Graphic Design. My first two jobs out of college were as a Graphic Designer but I just knew it wasn’t quite the right fit. I followed a more senior level designer that I’d worked with to a creative recruitment agency, I wanted to give it a shot! I started as her assistant and fell in love with recruiting and I was still in touch with the creative industry and creative professionals. I transitioned from agency to in-house recruiting where I remain to this day.

You transitioned from Fine Art and Graphic Design to recruiting, can you talk about what that process was like for those looking to do a 180 in their careers?

I think one of the keys is to find a connection between what you currently do and what you want to do. For example, I was a creative professional- a graphic designer and had industry experience- and I went into recruiting for the same industry so I knew some of the nuances. I still had to learn how to recruit but had the industry knowledge advantage.

While at GAP you were part of the ROWE (results only work environment) method, how was that?

This was very exciting for the Gap employees. Some managers embraced the idea more than others so there were challenges on some teams. Employees were thrilled with the idea of this new freedom and flexibility and a new way of working.

Did you find employees preferred that over a traditionally driven work environment? Why or why not?

I do think that most everyone preferred the ROWE* method. Many people still kept a similar schedule, to be honest, but it was nice knowing you had the flexibility when you needed it.*ROWE is a Results Only Work Environment - a human resource management strategy where employees are paid for results rather than the number of hours worked.

You’re currently freelancing, what made you decide that was the route for you?

I enjoy freelancing very much- I get to see how different companies do things and it’s been wonderful having freedom and variety. I am not sure if this is ultimately what I want to continue doing, though, I also enjoy having a full-time position where I can really dig in and be involved more strategically.

How do you suggest others decide if freelancing is right for them?

Freelancing can be inconsistent financially and you sometimes have to hustle to find your next assignment. I think anyone considering this lifestyle has to decide if they are willing to put up with both of these factors. It’s much less predictable.

You also just wrapped a freelance gig at Alexander Wang, how cool! What were your 3 biggest takeaways from working with some of the most creative minds in the fashion space?

I absolutely loved working at Alexander Wang. He is one of my favorite designers so it was easy to have a passion for what I was doing! My three biggest takeaways were:

  • Creative minds all work very differently. There is no formula for working with them, you really have to try to connect with them on an individual basis.

  • I was nervous at the beginning- but you really have to tap into your intuition to work well with the teams. Ask questions if you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

  • Show your passion and interest, it goes a long way! If you have a passion for the brand and the product it’s a lot easier. Click here for our full resource on Working With A Recruiter!

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