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One Question You Need To Ask Your Future Project Manager

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Are you looking to add a Project Manager to your team? This could include Print PMs, Integrated PMs, Digital PMs, Event PMs, Tech PMs, and Store PMs. Once you determine your team/company’s needs, you can begin the search for the perfect candidate. When looking for Project Manager candidates, our expert recruiters look for the technical skills that are imperative to success in this role, including MS Project, Basecamp, Jira, Trello, and Google Docs.

What to look for

When it comes to print, our Senior Account Manager, Georgia Marogiannis looks for PMs familiar with collateral, OOH, publication, lookbooks, and direct mail. Project Managers in the digital space will need skills including but not limited to websites, microsites, banners, email, mobile, and tablet. For integrated Project Managers, our PM candidates have knowledge of web print, TV/video, and social as well as familiarity with traditional print, TV, radio, and some digital. In producer facing roles, digital and video or TV broadcast skills are highly recommended. And last but not least, there are technical roles within the PM space that include knowledge of website development, apps, and product development. In addition to being qualified in the technical skills mentioned above, we look for Project Managers who are “great communicators, highly organizedcapable of staying calm under pressure, and being able to forecast risk and deliver”, according to Georgia.

What to ask

So what’s the one question that our expert recruiters think is the most important question when interviewing for your Project manager position?“What is the lifecycle of a project and what is your role in it?” Our expert recruiters look for experience in creating a scope of work, scheduling project deliverables and assigning those deliverables to creatives. When Project Managers can show they take part in the entire lifecycle of a project from conception to development to launch while ensuring quality standards, it’s a homerun. Do you feel more prepared to hire a Project Manager now? Check out 24 Seven’s database of Project Manager candidates today!