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Hire A Crm Manager

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become increasingly critical as e-Commerce and digital marketing platforms rise. CRM incorporates marketing, customer satisfaction, tech, and sales into one cohesive strategy. As you plan your CRM strategy and prepare to hire a CRM manager, our expert recruiters share the one question you should ask all CRM candidates!

Why Does Your Company Need a CRM Manager?

Depending on your company’s need in this position, the CRM Manager will plan and deliver CRM strategies across the company, supporting customer retention and loyalty, and if needed, collaborate with other departments such as sales, marketing, and tech.

We spoke with one of our skilled Los Angeles based Account Managers who noted,“Companies that are successful stay nimble and up-to-date on the needs of their customers. With E-commerce, results are updated in real-time, and the impact can be immediate. Paying attention to what your customers want is the first step, but being able to decipher the WHY behind the numbers and then develop an action plan is where the results happen.”

She also added what Account Managers look for in strong CRM candidates, saying,“24 Seven typically sees candidates who come from the E-commerce side with either marketing/digital marketing or site merchandising experience. Since CRM is a narrower focus, we see candidates starting to specialize in this side of E-commerce as they get more experience.”

When looking at candidates, our expert recruiters look for retention marketing strategies such as loyalty programs(what was implemented and, more importantly, what were the results/ROI of the % increases for traffic or sales on the site) and customer re-engagement campaigns for lapsed customers. They also look for email captures for new customers and retention of current customer base and customer site experience (how the site interacts with customers to return to the site and drive sales.)

The Question to Ask a CRM Manager

That leads us to the most important question. Our Senior Account Management team says the most important question to ask when interviewing for a CRM Manager role is:

“What is your strategy to improve customer engagement, acquisition, retention, and re-engagement either at your current role or at X company?”

This question is essential to identifying candidates that genuinely understand the impact a CRM Manager can have at moving the needle in these critical areas of customer engagement.

Let 24 Seven Help You Fill Your CRM Manager Position

At 24 Seven, we are committed to providing you with actionable information. If you are ready to fill a CRM Manager position, learn more about 24 Seven freelance recruiting, and reach out to our expert recruiters. We have the experience, expertise, and an extensive database of candidates to find you the perfect candidate.