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The One Question That Needs To Be Asked When Hiring Your Next UX Designer

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We continue our “One Question” series with a key question you should ask UX Designer Candidates so that you evaluate talent like a Marketing or Creative recruiter would. If you are looking for someone to enhance user satisfaction and improve the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction of your consumer with your product, you should definitely be in the market for a UX Designer – and 24 Seven Talent is here to help! According to Nabeel Chowdhury, Sr. Account Manager at 24 Seven, UX professionals should be able to design user flows and sitemaps and create an overall information architecture. Nabeel also adds that understanding UX applications such as Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, OmniGraffle, Axure, UXPin and Indesign, plus knowledge of HTML/CSS is highly recommended and looked for when finding great UX candidates. Familiarity with e-commerce, mobile, web apps, content strategy, wireframing, and interactive prototyping is an added bonus.

What to look for in your next UX Design Hire

At 24 Seven, a Marketing or Creative recruiter looks for UX Designers who possess strong problem-solving skills and independent self-direction, paired with a willingness for team collaboration and open communication. Nabeel says, “UX Designers should be able to identify customer requirements and problems while working with Visual Designers to create high fidelity mockups”. A well-seasoned UX professional knows the design process back to front, which comes from years of hands-on experience. Nabeel recommends a traditional 2-4 year interactive design degree, but this all depends on your company’s needs.

What to ask UX Designers

Nabeel says the one question you should ask all UX Designer candidates is: “Describe the most complex design problem you’ve had to solve. What specific feature restrictions or user data made it difficult?” This question will help you understand how they problem solve, their thought process and what they’re like under pressure. Our UX Designer candidates in our 24 Seven Talent database are experts in best practices for web-based information architecture and design. Request a UX Designer for your company today!