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Exciting Start Up vs. Long Established Company? Do Candidates Really Care?

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In a word or three: nope, not really. That’s what talent participating in our annual job market survey told us when we asked them if they had a preference. Roughly one fourth preferred a start up, another fourth, an established company, and about half said it made no difference. But what a majority of talent did agree upon were things an employer could offer to entice them to join up.

More Than Just Money

Compensation always tops the list, but after that employees want a company that offers better advancement and growth opportunities, and continual skill improvement and professional development.  And as concerns about healthcare bubbled to the surface among individuals participating in this year’s study, it’s not surprising that companies that offer enviable benefits have the competitive edge in this tight talent market. Company culture is also an important factor that employees weigh in their overall evaluation of a potential employer .And don’t underestimate the impact of technology on job candidate opinion, both in terms of what a company relies on to run the business and how it helps employees deal with relentless technological evolution. Regardless whether a buzzy new start up or an industry vanguard, tech savvy matters to 8 in 10 employees. They also want help with ensuring that their own tech expertise is honed and ready, so employers that proactively keep them in top tech shape are apt to be the most attractive.

Win Great Talent

At the time of our survey, 66% of respondents said they were planning a job change in the coming year. But whether a company is a flashy new entrant or that big name, deep pocketed firm or something in between is just one dimension of the employment proposition. There are so many other facets of an employer brand that talent considers when evaluating their prospects. Identify those facets within your own company, polish them up, and promote them prominently to win over those motivated job seekers.

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