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The 5 Step Process Of Working With A Recruiter

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Are you on the job hunt? Are you interested in freelance and/or full-time opportunities with today's top companies and brands? Have you thought about reaching out to a recruitment agency? We're sharing the 5 step process of working with a recruiter to give you the breakdown of what an agency, like 24 Seven, can do for you. One of the most important things to remember when working with a recruitment agency is that it's an additional, free, resource for you. So, don’t be surprised if your recruiter encourages you to continue your individual job search while they keep you in mind for open roles.

Step 1:

You submit your resume through a job posting,  directly through 24 Seven’s website or send it to a recruiter directly if you have a referral. The number one reason to register on the website is to apply for the many fantastic job opportunities that are updated continually! Keep in mind, only our internal team has access to our talent database and before we send your information or resume to any client, we ask your permission first, so if you are looking while currently employed, your search is kept confidential.

Step 2: 

If your skills and experience look like a good fit, a 24 Seven recruiter will be in touch to get a better idea of what kind of jobs you are looking for and your experience. Then they may set up a time to review your resume and/or portfolio more in depth.

Step 3:

You’ll meet with a 24 Seven recruiter in person or via video call, to discuss what you’re looking for and open opportunities. 24 Seven recruiters are industry insiders who work diligently to match you with a position that is aligned with your qualifications and career goals. We also consider a company's culture, as that is a key component of on-the-job success. When it comes to knowing what companies are looking for, what skills are in-demand and how to prepare for the interview, you'll get the inside scoop. We have our finger on the pulse of the marketplace and we are connected to the top brands, dynamic design firms, and exciting advertising, and creative agencies.

Step 4:

When the recruiter or their colleagues have a job match to your resume and previous experience, they will reach out to see if it is an opportunity you are interested in, and send your resume to the Hiring Manager. Please keep in mind that we receive a high volume of applicants for many of the jobs posted and our clients are sometimes looking for a very specific candidate. If you don’t hear back from us it could be because your skills/experience didn’t exactly match the client’s expectations. Not to worry. We get new opportunities in everyday and we’ll be in touch when we find the right role for you!

Step 5:

You will go through the process of interviewing and if it all works out, your recruiter will let you know you got the job! If it doesn’t work out with the first opportunity, the cycle continues until you have found your job match. All the while, you will be receiving updates from your recruiter with new opportunities. Our recruiters understand the full job application process, and their main piece of advice is to keep checking back to see what jobs have been posted on the website. Applying to jobs on the site will put you in direct contact with the recruiter working on that job.

To browse our current jobs and start working with 24 Seven today, click here! Click here for our full resource on Working With A Recruiter!