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Debunking Staffing Agency Myths

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Looking to expand your team or fill a newly open position? Stressed about the thought of searching through a pile of resumes? There is an agency out there to help with that. Staffing agencies work with top talent to fill their clients’ needs. Whether you’ve worked with staffing agencies in the past, are interested in working with one in the near future, or are confident in your internal search, we’re positive that you have heard at least one or two myths in regards to working with recruiters. Staffing agencies are here to help you, so we’re debunking 5 common myths about staffing agencies that may just change your mind about reaching out to us for help filling your next role.

1. Limited service offerings

Select staffing agencies offer specialized talent and focus on filling only full-time or freelance positions. While these agencies have limited service offerings, there are agencies (like 24 Seven Talent) that specialize in freelance, temp-to-perm, fulltime and even executive level recruiting. It’s important to think about what kind of needs you have now, and might have in the future, and find an agency that can support you properly.

2. Plus, where does this money come from?

Staffing agencies work with client budgets on a daily basis. If the rate you’ve been quoted is too high, most agencies will work within your budget. Whether that is negotiating a different salary for the candidate or finding someone in line with your budget and skill requirement. Recruiters work within budgets every day and are able to find the perfect talent to fit any job and budget, without taking money from the candidates. If the rate still seems too high, remember to consider all that goes into this fee. Staffing agency’s fees include onboarding and benefits for freelance talent, plus the work of the recruiting team to save you time! Don’t fret, if it none of the talent submitted seem to be a good fit, you won’t be charged as long as it’s a contingent search.

3. There are a million candidates out there, why would I need an agency?

As we found from our latest job market research, candidates are in demand and in the drivers seat. A recruiter might just be your new best friend if you’re looking for a new hire because they have their finger on the pulse of the market. If you’re looking for some of today’s hottest talent (think social media managers, UX designers, email marketing managers and data analytics candidates) you have to be ready to move quickly. Agencies are a great resource because they are meeting candidates all day every day and they will keep their eye out for talent that will fit your skill requirements and company culture essentially for free until you hire one of their finds. Recruiters are also experts at matching talent to companies, reviewing factors in addition to the candidates resume.

4. Entry level only

While some staffing agencies may focus on freelance and entry level candidates, others have specific teams focused on full-time mid to upper level positions. Specialized Executive Recruiters have spent years cultivating a pipeline of talent across functional responsibilities, emerging skill sets, and in specific industries. They know where to source rising stars as well as well-known industry leaders – which events to attend, which organizations to join, and which competitors might have the talent you need. They keep tabs on who is where and who might be ready for a move. Additionally, they know how to access coveted, hard-to-reach, passive candidates. Have these myths steered you away from working with an agency in the past?

Ready to put the myths aside and stop stressing about the role you are dreading to fill? Find expert talent in our database today!