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Now’s Not the Time to Compromise on Cultural Fit

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Securing talent today is daunting. Especially for roles that require specialized, hard to find skill sets. And when one does come across a candidate that brings the winning combination of requirements, Hiring Managers may be tempted to pounce – even if there’s a nagging doubt about company culture compatibility. As tough as it is – stop. Don’t make the offer. Here’s why.

Increased Flight Risk

According to our research, employees who said that they didn’t feel connected to their company’s culture are eight times – yes, eight – more likely to switch jobs in the coming year. And a better company culture is in the top ten reasons to seek a new gig. Remember, the business of hiring isn’t cheap – so it’s wise to invest in a better match who will stick around. Some studies suggest that replacing an employee can cost 6 to 9 months of their salary on average.

Disconnected = Disengaged

When the culture clicks for an employee, they tend to be more engaged at work. Our research finds that 9 out of 10 employees who are really into their jobs and willing to go the extra mile also say they are well-matched to the culture. So it’s better to hold out for a candidate that connects. Engaged employees are more productive, a positive influence on their team, and are less likely to be job hoppers.

Culture Sweetens the Deal

The desire to be part of a company culture that appeals to you is a persuasive positive when weighing the pros and cons of a job. In fact, when asked what might sway their decision to accept an offer where the compensation is disappointing, job seekers ranked company culture as a consideration.

Happy Halo

Employees who identify themselves as 'happy at work' are a lower flight risk and more likely to be highly engaged. These sunshine spreaders say that feeling aligned with a company’s mission, vision, and culture plays a key role in their happiness. Happy employees beget happy co-workers. Waiting for a candidate who fits the culture can increase the joy factor in your workplace.We get it. It’s challenging out there for those who are hiring. But your company and current employees deserve team members who want to be there. A shortsighted, mismatched hire can cost the company not just in dollars but morale, too.

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