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Looking to Deliver a Superior In-store Experience This Holiday Season? Don’t Ignore the Culture Click

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Retailers are emphasizing the customer’s in-store experience to build shopper loyalty and drive traffic, and are adjusting their hiring strategies accordingly. As such, securing on-brand, culturally-matched associates to deliver on the experience promise has never been more critical.

Don't overlook culture

But in a tight talent market, with the holiday shopping season just weeks away, some employers may be tempted to forego culture considerations to fill seasonal vacancies with candidates that only meet a role’s functional requirements. When faced with aggressive holiday sales goals, hiring for culture click may seem like a nice to have.  As recruiters, we couldn’t disagree more.

Spread the positivity

There’s no debate that specific jobs need to be filled desperately. But holiday time may be the most crucial time to look beyond basic skills. With such a short window to make the numbers, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Positive customer experiences at the hands of your entire retail staff are paramount at holiday time. You want employees who are happy at work and highly engaged – positivity is contagious. And when the culture clicks the likelihood of this increases significantly, as our annual talent attitude and behavior research consistently indicates.

Must ask questions

So, when interviewing seasonal support, be just as discerning for cultural compatibility markers. Does the candidate display the characteristics of your most successful store associates? Those traits are often the fundamentals of your company culture. Do the candidate’s values line up with your company’s vision and mission? Do the candidate’s soft skills reflect your company’s customer service philosophy? Making sure all these align is vital because when employees feel like they are of the same mind as their employer, going the extra mile for the company and the customer feels natural and comfortable. Plus our research shows that culturally-matched employees tend to be more productive as well.

You can't teach everything

Remember, you can always teach someone how to do a particular job or complete a list of tasks. But you can’t teach attitude and behavior. And ensuring your in-store team delivers a positive shopper experience hinges on the all-important culture click. Looking to hire this holiday season? Reach us today for immediate storeline and ecommerce talent that match your needs both on a skill level and culturally.