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Top Time Management Tips for Freelancers

Freelance Work Tips

As a Freelancer, you have the ability to take on as much work as you want. This is where time management skills come in. With a full-time job, you are able to have a sense of structure to your day, whereas freelance work often comes with more flexibility. Our freelance recruiters are sharing their top tips to stay organized when working as a freelancer.

Timing is everything

Your planner should be your best friend when you're working on freelance jobs. With various meetings, deadlines, and client projects converging at the same time, staying organized is key. Some freelancers opt to have their schedule mirror that of a 9 to 5 job, while others may schedule meetings all in one day, projects on one day, and phone calls on another. Depending on your work style and preferences, one of these may work better than the other, so we suggest playing around with different scheduling options to get the most out of your work day and keep your priorities in check.

Be your own project manager

If you're taking on freelance work with several clients, you should be prepared to have multiple projects going on at the same time. To stay on top of your various meetings and deadlines, our freelance recruiters recommend investing in project management software. Some top programs include Trello, Asana, Bonsai, Thrive, and Taskboard! When you work as a freelancer, delighting your clients is key to success and a steady paycheck. There's nothing worse than missing a deadline because you didn't have it on your calendar, so finding an organizational system that works for you is key. As you navigate various freelance jobs, you'll ultimately figure out the tools and tech that work best for you and your work-style.

Make freelance work your priority

With constant alerts, notifications, buzzes, and pings, it has never been easier to get distracted. Our freelance recruiters recommend time blocking as a way to keep yourself on-task throughout the day. With time blocking, you'll to set aside a certain amount of time to work on a given project each day, and when the timer is done, so are you. Utilizing calendar alerts is another great way to keep yourself accountable. At the end of each day, our freelance recruiters also recommend checking in with your to-do list and seeing what you accomplished that day, and what should be moved to the top of your priority list for tomorrow.

Keep your finances organized

On top of managing and organizing your schedule and projects, it is also important to keep track of your finances when you're working as a freelancer. With a huge selection of finance apps, it is now easier than ever to organize your finances and keep track of your income and spending habits using more than just a spreadsheet. Managing your time as a freelancer can be tricky at first, but it will get easier the more freelance jobs you take on.

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