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How to Get Your Recruiters Attention In 3 Steps

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We previously broke down the process of working with a recruiter with a step by step guide answering the most commonly asked questions. Once you understand the way a recruiter works, it is important know your role and how you can facilitate the process to benefit your job search. While recruiters are an incredible resource, they are just that – an extra resource. In addition to being patient when working with a recruiter as you wait for the perfect role to come across their desk, it is beneficial to know how to get your recruiter’s attention without being overly persistent.

1. Respond when you receive an email or phone call

It’s important to realize that some emails from recruiters are also sent to other candidates, but it is being sent to you due to an interest you had noted, or similarities between your experience and the job description. Take advantage of the opportunity at hand, and thoroughly read the email and job description, consider it, and let your recruiter know if it is something you are interested in or not. This won’t be the only job they send out, so always remember that it is okay to say you are not interested or give a bit more insight as to what you’re looking for. If you receive a phone call, there is a very high chance you are a top match for the role. Save your recruiter’s phone number so that you make sure to take their calls and can give them a call back to follow up. Be cautious, though, to not be overly persistent. Understand your recruiter is busy and will most often prioritize top matches for the role and not have a chance to get back to all candidates who expressed interest.

2. Reach out to recruiters who work in your sector and at your level

Whether you are working with a recruiter already, have never worked with a recruiter or agency before, or are just starting your search, reach out to your network and do your own research to find recruiters who specialize in your industry/level. If you are looking for an entry level position in Fashion, you wouldn’t want to contact an Executive Recruiter for the tech industry. Research companies you’d like to work for and recruiting agencies that work with those companies and reach out with your resume to be entered into their database and notified when opportunities become available.

3. Maintain relationships

The worst thing you can do when you find a new job is cut all ties with your recruiter. While you may have found the role on your own, or through a referral, let your recruiter know you found a new position, but that you would like to remain in the system for future opportunities. While you gain experience and knowledge in your new role, you may be preparing for an incredible position that will pass across the recruiter’s desk down the line. Getting a recruiter’s attention is simple and could be critical to your career growth. Having an extra resource looking for opportunities for you can only help you in the long run and provide you with better experience and skills. Interested in working with our expert recruiters?

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