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Tips To Stay Focused During The End of The Year

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With holiday decorations being hung at your local mall, the cooler weather, planning family gatherings, and the cheer that surrounds the holiday season all creeping in, it is often easy to get distracted from the day to day at our jobs (we’re just being honest). We want you to enjoy the end of the year, while also staying focused in your job, so we’ve gathered our tips to get you through the holiday season with cheer and maybe a promotion!

Plan ahead

Take a few days off and block out the days you think you may be traveling. Be sure to speak with your manager and team before booking any travel in case your company limits the amount of people who can be out on the same day. Planning ahead will allow you to make sure all work expectations are met, while scheduling time for family and friend gatherings and R+R. While saying yes to every plan this holiday season may sound like the fun thing to do, be sure not to over commit. Make your to do list, get your priorities in order, and check it twice.

Find your Zen

Whatever Zen means to you, it is important that you maintain a sense of balance during the end of the year. This means balancing work, the holidays, and time for yourself. Taking an extra hour to do anything from working out, to sleeping in, baking holiday treats, or whatever makes you happy will make a world of difference when it comes time to handle the stresses that come up during the end of the year. Doing this will leave you recharged to take on the work day as well as enjoy all the holiday festivities.

Remember what the end of the year is all about

November and December tend to be the busiest times of year, but also can be the most fun and relaxing, if done right. Make sure all your work is taken care of, deadlines are met, and projects are delegated, and you ask for help when it’s needed so that you can fully enjoy the spirit of the end of the year. As much as this is a time for celebrating with friends and family, it is also the perfect time to look back at all of the progress you made in your career. With the New Year right around the corner, focus on your accomplishments and what your goals are for the coming year. The worst feeling is ending on a low note, so dedicate the proper amount of time to each task to ensure everything is properly handled and then reward yourself throughout the holidays. Looking for extra cash this holiday season?

Check out our current job opportunities here and remember to prioritize what matters in the long term, not just the hottest party of the season!