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Let’s Break It Down – Why Taking An Actual Lunch Break Is Beneficial To Your Mental Health

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Wake up, get to work, have a coffee or tea somewhere in between, look down at your watch. How is it already lunchtime? When mornings tend to fly by, it is often that we make the decision to just keep working, grab a quick snack, and finish the tasks at hand. While we commend you for your integrity and sense of urgency to complete your projects, we want you to be putting your best foot forward at work, which is why we highly encourage you to take a second look at the clock when lunchtime rolls around and take a break.


At 24 Seven Talent, we understand that every job is different, whether you work 9-5, set your own hours as a freelancer, or have a different schedule every day. Though some jobs may require you to punch out for a set amount of time each day before you leave at night, other jobs can have days fly by without even leaving the desk.  While you may get up to use the restroom, refill your water – staying hydrated is equally as important! – or to go into a meeting room, you deserve, and need, a break from work, even if it is only 15 minutes. Depending on if that means you leave your desk right at noon to eat your lunch away from our desk or go to the restaurant a block further away from your office rather than your go-to place on the corner.

Don’t break the streak

Are you known for bringing your lunch to work? Whether it is to save money, eat healthier, or whatever your reason may be, we love the idea of bringing food from home to work. What we don’t love, is using that as an excuse to not leave the office. Ask your coworkers if they are going to walk somewhere to grab lunch and join them for the walk. If the clock seems to have jumped to mid-afternoon without you realizing, treat yourself to an afternoon pick me up coffee or tea. If you’re not looking to spend money during the day, grab your headphones and a podcast or your favorite playlist, and take a long walk around the block or down the street to change up the scenery.

It’s worth it

Taking a break has been proven to give add so many benefits to your day. From increased productivity to improved mental well-being, a quick break from work, or a relaxing long lunch break can drastically reduce your stress and give you the clarity you need to finish your work day strong. Say goodbye to those afternoons crashed, and hello to creativity boosts, and a new healthy habit to incorporate in your daily routine.We know that some days a quick break, no matter how short, isn’t always possible. Of course, it would be great to take 30 minutes to an hour every day to take a break, the small moments count just as much. A few extra steps to the restroom, a water break by the window, or taking a phone call outside will benefit your overall mental health and professional development in the long run.