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Ask A Recruiter Special UK Edition

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Have a question about working with 24 Seven? Today’s blog is going across the pond as we bring you our special UK Edition of our Ask A Recruiter series! This series allows us to connect with our audience on a deeper level by answering your questions directly. Let’s see what questions you had for our London recruiters and what tips and advice they had for you.

How do I prep for an interview?

When preparing for an interview, Nicole Marks, Manager of Design, highly suggests doing your research. When researching, look thoroughly into all aspects of the company. This includes when the company was established, how many employees or locations there are, what their company values are, and of course have a basic knowledge of their brand, product, or service which will help you feel more confident going into your interview and allow you to confidently answer questions they may have for you. Before your interview, another key thing to research is who you will be interviewing with. See if you have any brands, connections, schools, or interests in common based on their LinkedIn profile or bio on company website, this will help you navigate the conversation on the day of. Watch the full video with Nicole here.

What do I bring to an interview with 24 Seven?

Senior Consultant, Jessica Adaki, gave us the full breakdown of what you should bring to your first interview with us. First and foremost, be sure to arrive early to your appointment with 24 Seven (and any interview!) For the basics of what to bring, make sure you have your passport, a valid visa, national ID number, and bank information. If you need to bring any additional forms of identification or paperwork, your recruiter will specify that with you prior to your meeting, but if you have any questions before, feel free to ask! For creative candidates be sure to bring your portfolio. See what Jessica says in the full video here.

How should I approach training as a freelance candidate?

Liam Allwood, Training and Account Manager, knows the importance of training for any job, but with his focus on freelance candidates, he is a professional at making any candidate feel confident. The importance of training freelance staff is so that they can feel like the fulltime staff and have that same knowledge and understanding of the product and brand. From product knowledge to every day tasks and background information, feeling properly trained is a must for all candidates, especially freelance. Get the full scoop with Liam here.

What do you love about recruiting?

Jodie Greenfield, our Full-time Consultant, Marketing, Interactive, Creative Services, loves recruiting. The ability to build lasting relationships with both clients and candidates allows her to know what will benefit both sides in the long run. Being able to help candidates land their dream job and help them negotiate the best salary and benefits package to ensure they are happy in their role is a major perk. Watch the full video with Jodie here.

Want to be an expert recruiter like Jodie? View our open positions here. As always, our recruiters are here to help! Ask your questions in the comments below, email us at, or message us on Instagram!