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Event & Experiential Marketing Success Is About Dotting Your I’s and Crossing the Most Important T

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Whether a pop-up shop, street-crew brand activation, or conference, experiential and event marketing is all about the details. You spend hours planning every strategic and tactical element while scrutinizing every penny spent. Your goal is to ensure an extremely memorable, informative, and valuable brand experience. But at the end of the day, the one factor that creates a lasting impression and brings it all together is talent, with a capital T.

The easiest mistake to avoid

A beautiful, seamless setup and all the hard work, time and money that went into an event can be easily swept away if the appropriate staff isn’t there to properly communicate your brand and product. The one-on-one interaction made possible by these marketing events allows the opportunity to tell your brand story in a more unique and creative way. Because events are often a one-off occasion or a short-term tactic, the stakes are higher when it comes to hiring talent for them. That’s why partnering with a staffing agency that brings proven event talent experience mitigates risk by ensuring you have the well-matched talent to deliver results.

Knowledge is Power

Hiring the right people is the critical first step. Making sure they are fully prepared and trained to represent your brand and product is equally important. Make sure the staffing partner you choose has a track record for not only supplying prescreened, vetted professionals but will educate them for success. Whether it’s on product use, brand purpose, or marketing message, event talent must be practiced in walking the walk and talking the talk. Partnering with many brands and agencies, 24 Seven delivers award-winning talent and creates outstanding activations that will leave your customers wanting more.

Request top talent from our national network of specially- trained event talent to cover the entire scope of your event.