The Secret to Attracting and Retaining Top Talent in Any City

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Our 2019 Job Market Report found that one of the top 10 reasons employees are switching jobs is for better company culture. Using a local recruiter can help your organization evolve your company culture to attract and retain top talent, finetune your employer brand and find talent to set you up for success.

The candidate experience matters

Hiring managers say that when it comes to talent acquisition, poor candidate experience is something that they struggle with. Working with a local recruiter, allows the recruiter to be the first to screen and interview candidates, ensuring that their candidate experience is off to a great start. Being able to meet with candidates in person, local recruiters are better able to tailor specific talent to your team based on culture and skills needed.

Skip the phone call, let’s get lunch

Utilizing a local recruiter provides you one on one access to the team dedicated to finding your talent.  This allows for more time to get to know each other and will give the recruiter the ability to better understand your team needs. The war for talent is only getting more intense, requiring companies to change some things up. If your company wants to compete in today’s talent driven hiring market, meeting one on one with a local recruiter is a way to gain a leg up. Recruiters are experts when it comes to what talent wants and they can also give you the inside scoop on what other companies are doing.

Give us the grand tour

Candidates are beginning to care more about benefits, and companies who are not improving benefits run the risk of losing talent, both new and current. While healthcare is one of the top concerns talent have this year, perks are equally as important. When going up against the 42% of companies that provide snacks, the 42% offering flex-time or telecommuting options, and the 20% with on-site fitness facilities, it’s important to have a recruiter that can vouch for your business.  If they have been to your office and can fully describe the culture and unique offerings to candidates, you’ll have a better shot at standing up against the competition.

Are you ready to meet with one of our local recruiters to get top talent in your city? Contact us here and be sure to download our full 2019 Job Market Report for more insights on today’s hiring market.