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How To: Find Focus This Summer During Your Job Search

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The weather is finally warming up, and the beach is calling your name. Before you grab your towel and bathing suit, don’t forget about your job search. Just because school is out for summer, it doesn’t mean companies have hit pause on their hiring. Summer is a great time to start or amp up your job search. Here are a few reasons to find focus when searching for your next role this summer!

Everyone’s at the beach

While others are out on summer vacations, heading to the beach, or staying inside trying to escape the heat, you can be applying for jobs. Take advantage of the fact that your peers might think that summer isn’t the best time to apply for a job and enjoy being part of a smaller applicant pool! Summer is the perfect time to consider a new freelance gig because many companies are managing the same workload with a lower headcount. Organizations will need extra help to get all their projects done on time as well as coverage for employees on vacation.

Recruiters are looking for summer love

Hiring Managers and Recruiters are looking for employees who are available and ready to work this summer. If a recruiter’s top freelancer is traveling and you’re available, you’re likely to snag the spot! If you’re looking for work in retail or as a Brand Ambassador summer is the perfect time to line up freelance gigs. Many organizations capitalize on the nice weather and plan their experiential events for the summer months so be sure to reach out to your local retail recruiter or events staffing agency and let them know you’re ready to work.

Heat up your networking

Summer is also a great time to catch up with your network, whether it is a new connection, a recruiter or an old colleague. There are networking events almost every night in the summer, whether it’s a meetup at a local rooftop bar or an early morning breakfast event. Longer days mean more opportunities to touch base with your network. With the winter hibernation months behind us, people tend to be more open to making plans in the summer. Meet for drinks or get an early dinner at an outside restaurant with a busy mentor or colleague so you can enjoy the summer weather while making moves in your career. Of course, we want you to enjoy the nice weather and everything else summertime brings, but if you are actively looking for a new gig or role, be sure you set aside time to properly dedicate time and energy to your search. Ready to get started?

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