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Top Reasons You Should Find A Company With A Mission You Relate To

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When you begin your search for a new role, what are the first things you look to check off your “must have” list? Does the job description entice you? Do the traditional and non-traditional benefits catch your eye? Does the company boast positive reviews on Glassdoor? In addition to exploring things like perks and benefits, we highly recommend reviewing a company’s mission statement before determining if it’s the right for you.  Focusing your search on companies with a mission and vision you can stand behind will lead to a more rewarding work experience, here’s why. 

Dig a little deeper

How do you decide if a company checks all boxes? We recommend taking a closer look at the organization’s website, social media feeds, press releases, and community engagement to better understand what they’re all about. When viewing the company website, be sure to focus on the values the company adheres to. In doing so, you will begin to understand other significant aspects of the brand, such as their philanthropy, volunteer opportunities, policy engagement, and causes they support on a local and global scale. If you find the focus areas are aligned with your own passions and interests then you’ve found a match. 

Seek a fulfilled workforce

According to our COVID-19 Job Market Survey, nearly 25% of participants said they are considering making a job move in the next year. Due to the shift towards a fully or partially remote work environment, many job seekers are taking a cautious approach when seeking a new role. While the typical team, set-up, and workplace culture may be structured differently during this time, a company’s values will remain constant, in or out of the traditional office space. Seeking out a company that continually stands behind their primary mission and supports employees’ best interests will likely lead to a more fulfilled work experience overall. 

More than just a paycheck

While a paycheck plays an important role for many, it shouldn’t be the driving force behind making your next move. Along with a clear understanding of what the company aims to do, assessing the dynamics of the team you may work alongside with will play a much larger role in finding happiness and success in your next position. Throughout the interview process, don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding the company’s values and mission to find exactly what you are looking for. More often than not, the individuals who are currently with the organization subscribe to a similar ethos, so this will be key to determining if the team is the right fit. In the search for a new role, keep in mind that the “perfect job” may not exist. Rather, set time aside to look past the job description and enticing fluff that may blur your focus on what you really want next. Assessing a company’s mission, vision, and brand focus will help you find a more fulfilling position in the long term, leaving you feeling proud of your work and your employer.