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How To Stay Motivated Between Salary Increases

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You walk out of a meeting with your boss, with not only positive feedback, and a plan to continue growth at your current company, but also with a raise. Congratulations! Your hard work, dedication to the company, and commitment to grow in your role is showing, and you are being rewarded. Unfortunately, raises don’t come every time you sit with your boss to discuss your work, so we’re breaking down ways to stay motivated between salary increases.

Make sure you understand

Getting more money is exciting. You are moving up in the ranks, can go have a celebration, and your salary raise may have even come with a new title! All of this is worth acknowledging, but it is also important to understand exactly why you are getting the raise. Of course, you worked hard, and you deserve it, but did you exceed expectations on a specific project or show leadership in a way you hadn’t up until this point? Be sure you ask your manager why you are getting the raise and get an understanding of how to continue success in your role, meet and exceed new expectations, and work towards another raise in the future.

How can you further advance?

Our most recent survey on today’s job market reported that better advancement and growth opportunity was the top reason to switch jobs. 92% of employees said that they are taking the necessary steps to keep their skills relevant, while only two in five said that their company assists in those efforts. If your raise did not come with a new title or a full promotion, ask if there are learning and development opportunities that can assist you in your role to continue your success. This will also help you motivate yourself between now and your next raise. Learning and development opportunities can range from training programs to mentorship by a colleague and can also include self-taught programs such as online learning modules to gain new skillsets.

Are you noticing the perks?

More and more companies are blowing out their benefits packages with fun perks in addition to the traditional medical and dental offerings. Maybe your company hosts an annual retreat for top performers? Or Happy Hours to celebrate monthly wins? Challenge yourself to hit your goals, and potentially make it into your company’s President’s Club. Taking advantage of these kinds of perks will not only help motivate you between salary raises but will help you set your sights on more than just a dollar sign.Every team and every company is different, and what motivates you may differ from your coworker next to you, but these efforts are small ways to continue to motivate yourself throughout the year to not just receive a bigger paycheck but to build your skillset, encourage self-development, and continue to learn in your role.Check out our additional resources here to help you continue learning in your current role.