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It's time to talk about holiday retail hiring

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In today's competitive hiring market, it's never too soon to start nailing down your holiday retail talent strategy. Blink and Black Friday will have dawned. We’ve been in the business of retail staffing and recruiting long enough to know how easy it is for clients to get caught flat-footed when it comes to seasonal staffing.

Want to ensure your team is stacked with top retail freelance talent this year?

Whether it be fore store-line, pop-up or e-commerce team. Here are our top four tips to get proactive about retail talent in a cut-throat hiring market:

 1. Start now (no joke)

We are not exaggerating. A full-employment economy is making it tough to find workers for all jobs, and seasonal positions will not be the exception. Securing talent will probably take longer than expected, compressing the time left to onboard and train workers. Don’t risk having ill-prepared teams and poor in-store performance as a result because the holiday talent strategy was delayed.

2. Get help with holiday retail help

It’s always a good idea to rely on extra support with recruiting – and this includes seasonal help. Working with an experienced staffing partner who offers particular expertise in freelance, part-time, and seasonal talent can turn a stressful process into a seamless one. Companies like 24 Seven have well-established retail and pop-up talent networks, pre-vetted and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Our recruiters meet with each and every candidate personally and are experts at matching talent to brands.

3. They’re employees. Period.

When hiring seasonal retail help, it’s essential to treat these candidates with the same consideration given to full-time job seekers. From the candidate experience to on-boarding, training, and off-boarding, immerse them in the culture of your company and give them a happy workplace experience. Happy workers deliver happy service while on the job, plus share good reviews of their employment experience after they’ve left you – or don’t (hint: keep reading…).

4. Seasonal today. Full-time tomorrow. Customers potentially.

Hiring seasonal retail or e-commerce employees is an excellent way for companies to discover talent for permanent roles. And it’s an equally effective way for employees to test drive a workplace for themselves as well. Regardless of whether an employee’s tenure is temporary or permanent, chances are they may already be or will become a customer of the brand. Ensuring that their employment brand experience is a positive one will only strengthen the company’s commercial brand. Happy employees (both current and former) are exponentially more likely to recommend the company to friends and family for employment and commerce.To get started on your seasonal talent strategy, click here.