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Use This Job Description When Hiring Your Next Digital Marketing Manager

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At 24 Seven, our marketing recruitment team is one of the most trusted and experienced by our clients in creative fields like creative servicesdigital marketing, tech, data, and fashion. Brands rely on us to connect the brightest talent with the best job opportunities that are mutually beneficial – ones that move both the company’s mission and candidates’ careers forward. ​

If you are eager to get going on a search for an expert Digital Marketing Manager, a good place to start is in nailing the job description. Use this template to build your job listing and launch your search for the best candidate: 

Digital Marketing Manager Job Briefing

Do you obsess over optimizing Adwords campaigns? Do you see Facebook ads in your dreams at night? Do you get your thrills by boosting click-through and conversion rates? We've got a job for you. *Company* is searching for a competent, dedicated Digital Marketing Manager to take command of our marketing campaigns across all digital channels to build our business – and your career – even bigger. 

Digital Marketing Manager Responsibilities

  • Strategize, design, and maintain our social media presence across all relevant channels

  • Plan traditional digital marketing campaigns such as email, display advertising, web, and SEO/SEM

  • Incorporate new & experimental digital marketing techniques like chatbots and emerging platforms

  • Measure & report on the results of all campaigns & projects 

Digital Marketing Manager Responsibilities

  • Design, create, and grow our social media presence

  • Identify new trends & optimize campaigns to capitalize on them

  • Run & measure experiments to identify new high-growth and high-ROI channels

  • Work closely with other internal teams to create and leverage marketing assets

  • Build and manage automated email campaigns

  • Build and manage automated customer conversion funnels

  • Continuously measure the performance of all campaigns and techniques, then use these insights to optimize and improve campaigns

Digital Marketing Manager Requirements

  • BS/MS in Marketing or a related field

  • Extensive knowledge of primary digital marketing channels including SEO, email marketing, social media, and display advertising

  • Experience in ad campaign creation and marketing management platforms like Google Adwords, Hubspot, Hootsuite, and other relevant tools

  • Knowledge of landing page and conversion funnel optimization

  • Data-focused approach and strong analytical mindset

  • Extensive knowledge of SEO and website analytics tools including Google Analytics, Moz, and others

  • Understanding of development process and constraints for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Strong creative thinking and ability to ideate new approaches to campaigns

Hire a Digital Marketing Professional Today

You can use this template as a starting place to build your own Digital Marketing Manager job description – but if you want to take the hassle, the cost, and the risk out of hiring your next digital marketer, the best way to do it is work with a Marketing recruiter at a digital marketing recruitment firm. At 24 Seven, we have an unmatched network of creative talent and decades of experience matching the right candidate to the right opportunity. Ready to find your next top hire? Click here!